Jack Daniel's is undoubtedly one of the brands that comes to mind when whiskey is mentioned. Jack Daniel's Old No.7, one of the best-selling whiskeys not only in the world but also in our country, is in the whiskey literature. Tennessee whiskey passes as.

The reason why we call this whiskey not Bourbon but Tennessee whiskey is because it is produced in Charcoal Mellowing subject to additional processing. (Also known as Lincoln County Process)

coal filtration To briefly describe the process: 

İmbiklerden çıkan %70 alkole sahip alkollü içki (daha viski diyemiyoruz) olgunlaştırma aşamasından önce, Jack Daniel’s ile ıslatılıp sonrasında kömür haline getirilmiş akçaağaç odunlarının olduğu 3 metrelik tanklardan damla damla geçirilerek filtre ediliyor.

With this process, Jack Daniel's gains the easy drinking and charcoal flavors we are accustomed to.

To my article in which I explained Tennessee and Bourbon whiskeys in detail. from this link .

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 (Tennessee Whiskey, 40% abv)

Nose: Vanilla, maple syrup, brown sugar and caramel are accompanied by slightly burnt, charcoal notes. 

Palate: Caramel, honey and maple syrup flavors are in the foreground. Plus cinnamon and black pepper. Burnt and woody aromas are more pronounced than the nose. Warm and strong. 

Finish: Medium length. Caramel, burnt and woody.

Comment: Rich vanilla, caramel and light charcoal flavors… Love it or not, Jack Daniel's Old No.7 is a true classic!

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Jack Daniel's Old No.7
Sweet, burnt and hot. Like it or not, Jack Daniel's Old No.7 is a true classic!
80%Overall Score
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  1. Honour

    Today, for the first time in a wine-like whiskey glass, I consciously sniffed and sipped Jack, savoring it. On the nose, there were scents reminiscent of bananas as well as vanilla. However, on the palate and the finish, this taste turned into a burnt state. This whiskey can also be preferred for daily drinking. I recommend it dry without ice and at room temperature.


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