Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select is the brand's avid Jack Daniel's fan. Frank Sinatra an expression he made in memory of him.

With its wonderful box design, magnificent bottle, rich character and high price, Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select stands out as one of the most premium expressions in the brand portfolio.

In the tasting notes of Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select, one of the articles I wrote before and one of the most meticulously written on my blog. “Famous Whiskey Fans: Frank Sinatra” I suggest you take a look at my article. In this article, I shared interesting information about Sinatra's passion for Jack Daniel's.

Like all other expressions of the brand, Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select, Charcoal Mellowing After processing, it is taken into barrels to mature.

We see the detail that makes the expression special at this maturation stage!

The barrels used to mature Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select have deep grooves inside. Thanks to these grooves, the liquid in the barrel is in contact with the barrel more. The resulting whiskey takes on the character of the barrel more intensely.

After leaving the barrels, Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select is bottled with an alcohol grade of (90 Proof), just as it was in the Sinatra era.

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select (Tennessee Whiskey, 45% abv)

Nose: An intense oak scent with the first sniff. Followed by caramel, vanilla and honey. It gives the impression of a strong yet well-balanced whiskey. As the glass airs, the sweet notes become more pronounced.

Palate: It has a sharper, spicy character on the palate. Sweet aromas such as caramel, vanilla and honey are evident on the palate as well as on the nose. It's pretty bodied. I felt an intense and heavy sweetness that I might call bitter and fudge. In addition, it is accompanied by notes of black pepper, which can be felt exactly at the tip of the tongue. Oak character is also present on the palate. Slightly burnt and charcoal…

Finish: It's a medium to long length. Spicy and sooty aromas are accompanied by light vanilla.

Comment: Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select is a heavy and strong expression dominated by oak and vanilla flavors in general.

a tight Frank Sinatra As a fan, this expression has a very special place for me. Even before I drink it, the details of Sinatra on the bottle and can were enough to impress me.

If you are a Frank Sinatra fan too “Sinatra” on Spotify Check out my list!

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select
A strong and characteristic expression dominated by oak and vanilla notes.
89%Overall Score
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  1. Ismail Kuscu

    Sinatra Select is a whiskey that I can almost use as a perfume. There really is love between us.


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