Tennessee’li viski devi Jack Daniel’s’ın en prestijli ekspresyonlarından biri olan Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, tek bir fıçıdan (Single Barrel) çıkarak şişelenmiş bir viski. %45 alkol seviyesi ile şişelenen Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, markanın standart No:7 ekspresyonundan biraz daha uzun bir yıllanma süresine sahip (4-5 yıllık olduğu tahmin ediliyor).

We can briefly summarize the single barrel event (Single Barrel) as follows;

Each Single Barrel Select bottle is filled from barrels carefully selected by the head blender. Each bottle is filled from a single barrel. This means that whiskeys from different barrels can have different characters, albeit slightly. It is stated on the bottles from which barrel the whiskey comes out.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select (Tennessee Whiskey, 45% abv)

Nose: Burnt and smoked notes. Caramel, corn and soot from the back. We can clearly feel the effect of Jack Daniel's special coal filtration process.

Palate: It is quite dense and complex. Notes of spice, vanilla and honey. Burns on the palate as well as the nose. Maybe it reminds a little of tobacco… A soft, easy-drinking whiskey.

Finish: A long-lasting sweet finish, caramel and burnt oak.

CommentJack Daniel's Single Barrel Select offers a more balanced and complex drink than the brand's standard expression No.7.

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select
The standard expression of the brand offers a more balanced and complex drink than No.7.
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