Jameson Bold, the Irish brand's Travel Retail (Duty Free) special The Deconstructed One of 3 expressions in the series. Jameson Bold, which contains a high amount of Single Pot Still whiskey in its blend, draws attention with its spicy character.

Jameson Bold (Irish Blend, 40% abv)

Nose: Fruity notes such as lemon, apple and banana are in the foreground. Afterwards, the spicy character makes itself felt. Cinnamon, vanilla and slightly grainy.

Palate: The spice character is more prominent on the palate compared to the nose. In addition, vanilla, honey, lemon and cinnamon. With the airing of the glass, we get biscuity and creamy notes.

Finish: Medium length, sweet and slightly spicy.

Overall: Jameson Bold has a more spicy and fuller texture than the standard Jameson expression.

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Jameson Bold
Fruity, spicy and filling.
81%Overall Score
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