An amazing project, a very unique bottle that will make all Turkish whisky enthusiasts proud! Here comes the Jameson Brewery Edition Gara Guzu…

Jameson Brewery Edition Gara Guzu, which was created as a result of the collaboration of Irish whiskey giant Jameson and the Turkish craft beer brand Gara Guzu. It is quite an interesting bottle with both its story and content.

I would like to briefly tell you the story of the emergence of this unique whiskey. Our story actually begins in 2017. After the long-term work of Jameson Turkey and Global teams, Jameson and Gara Guzu first launched a craft beer called Meşeli in 2020. Meşeli Turkish whiskey and beer, which emerged when Gara Guzu's Stout beer was kept in Jameson barrels, was highly appreciated by the whiskey and beer lovers and made a big splash. Even the posts I made on social media at that time and veviski.comI can say that I received thousands of comments and messages on my review article I wrote in (I still do).

After about 3 years of the Meşeli project, Jameson and Gara Guzu came together again and produced a product that would make a big impact, Jameson Brewery Edition Gara Guzu…

Jameson Brewery Edition Gara Guzu, which was launched with a great event in Fethiye recently, is a very special Jameson bottled in 4C IPA barrels of Gara Guzu. Jameson Brewery Edition Gara Guzu, which is stated to be produced approximately 24,000 units, will be exclusive to the Turkish market. Let me state that this bottle has the distinction of being the first member of the Brewery Edition series in the world, and that different bottles may come to the series already.

I would like to share with you very briefly details about the production process of Jameson Brewery Edition Gara Guzu:

First of all, the Jameson team tried all the beers of Gara Guzu and chose the Gara Guzu 4C IPA, which they thought was the most suitable beer for this project. This beer, which has the character of traditional IPA, is a highly aromatic IPA produced using 4 different hops. Under the guidance of the founders of Gara Guzu, dear Ataç and Akgonca, the same formulas as Gara Guzu 4C IPA are produced at the Midleton distillery in Ireland. Afterwards, this beer is placed in Bourbon barrels and kept for a certain period of time. After the beers are emptied, this time Jameson whiskey, which has completed its maturation, is placed in the same barrels and a finishing touch is made for about 4-5 weeks, that is, a final touch is made.

Thanks to this process, a small 4C IPA character is added to Jameson's familiar floral, sweet and soft character. In short, we can say that Irish whiskey has a little Turkish touch...

My Tasting Notes of Jameson Brewery Edition Gara Guzu:

Nose: With the first sniff, it makes you feel the sweet, floral and soft character of Jameson that we are used to. The scents of citrus, pine, honey, hops are accompanied by spice and slightly toasty notes. It has a warmth that starts off soft, sweet and fresh and gradually makes itself felt.

Palate: Similar to the palate, vanilla, citrus, hops, pine and honey flavors are evident, but I can say that the palate is a bit more spicy and peppery. It's sweet and warm. I found it more enjoyable to drink with a little cold or 1-2 ice.

Finish: A medium length warm finish with citrus, hops and sweet spices.

In short, I can say that Jameson Brewery Edition reflects this collaboration with both its story and character perfectly for Gara Guzu. By the way, it is not possible to mention the label design of the bottle. It's really a great design.

A matured Jameson in Turkish Kraft beer! A great project that I am really proud of as a Turkish whiskey lover! Well done to everyone who contributed to this project, especially the Jameson Turkey and Gara Guzu teams. I hope that we will see such products, which are designed specifically for the Turkish market, both in terms of story and content, more often in our country.

Two great names behind Gara Guzu, dear Ataç and Akgonca

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  1. Murat Example

    We're officially drunk, dear Barış. Thanks for your nice notes and expressions. I hope we can get it and get it on our palate!

  2. James Mcpartland

    Hi where can I purchase a bottle of this ? (I'm not in Turkey so I would be looking for somewhere online that ships) Thanks

  3. Hakan Ozer

    Mr. Peace, you are amazing. You explained it so well that I felt as if I was sipping whiskey from a glass right now. Thank you very much. I hope that I can taste the whiskey produced with this extraordinary effort as soon as possible, as well as my whiskey friends, as well as following you.


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