Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition, the 2nd edition of the Caskmates series, is the other member of the team Stout Editionsimilar to Single Pot Still and a blend of grain whiskeys.

Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition is matured in old bourbon barrels, and before being bottled, it is placed in barrels with IPA beer in them for the finishing process.

“Everything You Need to Know About Irish Whiskies” .

Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition (Irish Blend, 40% abv)

Nose: Fruity notes such as apple, pear and lemon are accompanied by plenty of vanilla, light hops, oak, malt, honey, toffee and cinnamon. Softer and more perfumed than Caskmates Stout Edition.

Palate: It is quite easy to drink and soft, almost as if water has been added… Sweet aromas such as orange, honey, bitter toffee are accompanied by cinnamon and oak. There are also slightly bitter and burnt flavors that I can call espresso and toast.

Finish: Medium and hot. Bitter, ginger and spice.

OverallCaskmates IPA Edition is a characteristic expression like the other member of the series, Stout Edition. But I can say that I like the Stout version more. The biggest reason for this is that I find the palate of the IPA Edition too soft… It is a whiskey that will be enjoyed by those who love IPA beer.

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Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition
A very easy-drinking, soft expression with sweet-spicy and hop flavors.
83%Overall Score
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