Jameson Cold Brew! The expression, which I have been eagerly waiting to taste since I first heard about it 3 years ago, was put on sale in Turkey in a limited number as of August 2021.

Brezilya ve Kolombiya Arabica çekirdeklerinden soğuk demleme yöntemiyle yapılan Cold Brew ile Amerikan ve Şeri fıçılarda en az 4 sene olgunlaşmış Jameson’nın harmanlanmasıyla yaratılan Jameson Cold Brew, %30 alkol derecesine sahip, şeker ilave edilmemiş bir “Kahve Aromalı Viski”.

Jameson Cold Brew (Cold Brew Flavored Whiskey, 30% abv)

Nose: Coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla, honey scents are accompanied by slightly roasted and hazelnut-like scents. The whiskey and coffee character are quite balanced.

Palate: As on the nose, coffee, bitter, hazelnut and vanilla flavors are evident. These are followed by very light malt and spice. Aromatic and easy to drink.

Finish: Medium length finish with coffee, bitter and slightly roasted flavors.

Overall: Jameson Cold Brew is an aromatic and intense drink that can adapt to different drinking styles according to your taste and pleasure. I enjoyed it very much with a single big ice, but it can also be easily preferred dry or in a cocktail. Very interesting recipes can be created, especially when used in classic cocktails.


Photo Credit: jamesonwhiskey.com

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Jameson Cold Brew
An aromatic, easy-drinking, balanced blend that will satisfy both whiskey and coffee lovers.
85%Overall Score

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