A news from Jameson that will excite whiskey and coffee lovers: Jameson Cold Brew!

Whiskey and coffee duo is a pairing that has been around for a long time in the whiskey world and we have seen examples of it frequently in recent years. I wrote about a similar initiative of Starbucks in & Whiskey before. (link for article)

Jameson Global Brand representative Ciaran O'Donovan, shared the following statement about their new products: “We think that whiskey and coffee lovers largely intersect. Our goal is to present Jameson Cold Brew to this audience and see their reaction.”

The tasting notes shared by the brand for Jameson Cold Brew are as follows:

Nose: Intense coffee notes are accompanied by vanilla and hazelnut.

Palate: Intense and fresh. Burnt oak and Pot Still whiskey character is evident.

Finish: Quite bodied. Easy to drink and hot.

As with many of its products, Jameson aims to test Jameson Cold Brew by first offering it to the market in Ireland.

If you're into coffee cocktails, I recommend you take a look at the cocktail recipes prepared with Jameson Cold Brew, shared by Jameson on his website. (Link for recipes)

Jameson Cold Brew, currently produced in 3,000 units, will take its place on the shelves in 500ml bottles with a price of €28.50.

Jameson Cold Brew is expected to be available in Australia and America in the coming months.

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