Jameson Crested is an expression dedicated to the first whiskey bottled at the distillery in Dublin. In addition to bourbon barrels, sherry barrels were also used in the maturation of Crested, which contains a high percentage of Pot Still whiskey in its blend.

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Jameson Crested (Irish Blend, 40% abv)

Nose: Summer fruits and sweet spice notes are in the foreground. Vanilla, honey and white chocolate as the glass gets a little airier. Intense and aromatic.

Palate: Quite elegant and soft. A little more spicy than the nose. Vanilla, honey and caramel flavors are accompanied by light citrus and dried fruit. Rich and balanced.

Finish: Medium length. It leaves a sweet-spicy and slightly dry aroma on the palate.

Overall: Expression with a soft drink offers sweet-spicy aromas in a balanced way.

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Jameson Crested
An easy-drinking, elegant and balanced expression. Ideal for daily drinking.
85%Overall Score
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