One of the world's best-selling bourbons Jim Beam, With this expression, it offers a more complex and balanced drink compared to its standard expression. While the maturation period of 8 years is specified in the old bottlings, in this bottle instead of the year “Aged to perfection” phrase added.

Jim Beam Black (Bourbon, 45% abv)

Nose: The first notes are caramel, vanilla and pear. A very spacious nose, we can name this relief as anise. 8 years of maturation makes itself felt with delicious oak notes. Although alcohol is at the forefront at first sniffs, it becomes more balanced as you wait.

Palate: Oak and spice in addition to sweet aromas such as honey, vanilla and pear. Slightly sooty and coaly. Easy to drink and balanced.

Finish: Vanilla and caramel slowly leave their effects to pear and spice aromas. Medium length, charcoal finish.

Comment: Jim Beam Black, the standard expression of the brand Jim Beam OriginalIt offers a softer and more balanced drink compared to Alcohol and sweet aromas, which are at the forefront of young bourbons, can be said to be in full consistency in this expression. Jim Beam Black, both iced as well as sec A very good bourbon.

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Jim BeamBlack
More balanced and richer than standard bourbons.
80%Overall Score
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