Jim Beam Black Triple Aged, Bourbon giant Jim BeamExpression of aged 6 years and bottled with an alcohol grade of 43. Expression, which was put on sale for 8 years before 2015, takes its place on the shelves for 6 years as of this date.

in the name of the expression “Triple Aged” With the phrase, it is aimed to emphasize the maturation period of 6 years. But this phrase is understood more like “ripening in 3 different barrels”…

The reason why the 6-year period is called “Triple Aged” is because a Bourbon “Straight Bourbon” The aging time required for it to be tested is a minimum of 2 years and Jim Beam Black Triple Aged triples this time.

Jim Beam Black Triple Aged (Bourbon, 43% abv)

Nose: Cereal notes are accompanied by oak and rotten fruit. There are also very slight burnt odors. It gives the impression of a warm and sharp whiskey.

Palate: Caramel, sugar and cinnamon. Sweeter than the nose. Charcoal aromas and sour apples that ask for a bit of airiness. A very warm palate.

Finish: Medium length. Cinnamon, oak and burnt.

Comment: Jim Beam Black Triple Aged is a hot bourbon with a grain character. I would have expected a slightly more balanced bourbon from 6 years of maturation. In this sense, Jim Beam Black Triple Aged's brand 8 years of expression Jim Beam Black I can say that it is not as successful.

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Jim Beam Black Triple Aged
A hot bourbon with a grainy character.
76%Overall Score
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