Blue Label is arguably the most prestigious expression in the portfolio of the Johnnie Walker brand. Even if we say that Blue Label is one of the most prestigious whiskeys not only of the brand but of all blends, we would not be wrong. Blue Label, which is a blend of 16 malt and grain whiskeys, carefully selected by the legendary head blender Jim Beveridge, including 25 to 35-year-old whiskeys, stands out as one of the most expensive blends in the whiskey market.

At the center of the Blue Label blend, which has been out of production since 1983 Port Ellen exists. Malt whiskeys constitute of the blend, which is quite high compared to standard blended whiskeys. The remaining of the blend consists of grain whiskeys.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label, with each bottle individually numbered, is bottled without the year (Nas) and with an alcohol grade of .

Blue Label is one of the whiskeys I get the most questions about. The questions I hear frequently about Blue Label, both in the tastings I attend and in the conversations we have with close friends:

– Is Blue Label worth the price?

– Is Blue Label the best?

After sharing my tasting notes for Blue Label, I would like to share my views on these questions.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Scottish Blend, abv)

Nose: In addition to plenty of oak, honey and dried fruits, fruity notes such as orange and apple are in the foreground. Bitter, ginger and a very small amount of soot. Rich, complex and balanced. As it airs, fruity notes become more prominent. It signals an oily and bodied palate.

Palate: With the first sip, honey, orange, vanilla, oak and spice are felt intensely. These flavors are accompanied by dried fruits, dark chocolate and malt. It is also possible to take a small amount of work. I can also emphasize the balance in the nose on the palate. A balance that never disappears despite the diversity of flavors… It is quite oily and creamy. An expression of what "easy to drink" means.

Finish: Long and smooth. Dried fruit, oak, honey and spices.

Overall: Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an expression that is rich in character, wonderfully balanced and really enjoyable to drink. I recommend you to pay attention to the variety of flavors and fullness while sipping.

Is Blue Label worth the price?

There is no doubt that Blue Label has a price that many whiskey aficionados will find high. When I evaluate it independently of its price, Blue Label is the expression that I find really successful.

When we look at the price / performance balance, since everyone's budget for a whiskey and their expectation from whiskey are different, this balance will vary from person to person. While Blue Label can be an indispensable whiskey for a whiskey lover who enjoys Blue Label and can afford it, another whiskey lover who doesn't want to spend that much money on whiskey can turn to more suitable alternatives.

Is Blue Label the best?

“The best, the best quality, the most beautiful, the most delicious” Concepts like these are relative terms. Therefore, I think it is rather difficult to use these words for any whiskey not even for Blue Label.

Your view of a whiskey may change depending on the time, place, mood or who you drink it with. For example, when you sip the whiskey you drink in a crowded and loud bar with a close friend at home, your opinion about that whiskey may change completely.

Likewise, your view of some whiskeys may differ with your age, lifestyle or taste. As an example, I can show that when my passion for whiskey first started, the passion for soot/peat gradually gave way to more balanced whiskeys.

Considering all these, stating ideas such as “best/quality/enjoyable whiskey or worth/not worth this price” for Blue Label will not go beyond a subjective comment.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label
It is an expression with a very rich character, wonderfully balanced and really enjoyable to drink. I recommend you to pay attention to the variety of flavors and fullness while sipping.
88%Overall Score

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  1. batuhan

    hello again, my brother, you explained this price issue very well, let me write here briefly, if you are going to buy from cyprus or dutyfree, is it the best value for the money you pay, I think I was so stunned by the legendary 2 whiskeys. You can get from Cyprus for 800 900 TL, make sure it's worth your money

  2. Super Santorelli

    Our taste buds and inner notes are almost the same. When I read your blog, I read it with joy and excitement as if I wrote it myself.

  3. Levent

    As an avid whiskey lover and taster, I agree with your comment. A person's taste can change even momentarily. The moment is coming even Black Label 12 can be a great accompaniment. The moment is coming, even Mcallan doesn't taste good. According to the environment … The best thing is to try various whiskeys and create a taste in time that cannot be tasted. Greetings🥃🥃


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