Johnnie Walker Platinum Label in the coming months “Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years” will take its place on the shelves with its name.

In order not to upset Platinum Label lovers, it is worth mentioning from the beginning that this identity change is only for marketing purposes. With its new name, Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years will have the same content as Platinum Label.

If we look at the changes made, the first striking detail is the replacement of Platinum with the phrase "18 years". This phrase, which means that the youngest of the whiskeys in the blend is 18 years old, is emphasized with very large fonts. Undoubtedly, the increasing interest of consumers regarding how many years whiskeys mature, especially in recent years, has a great effect on this change.

Another change is the replacement of the gray label on the Platinum Label with brown and gold tones in the new whiskey. They say tastes and colors are indisputable, so there will be those who love this change and those who don't. But I can say that I like the new colors.

To briefly talk about Platinum Label, ie Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years with its new name;

chief thresher Jim Beveridge's work, Johnnie Walker Aged 18 is the result of a masterful blending of 18 different whiskeys selected from different regions of Scotland.

This blend of Speyside malts is a rich and complex whiskey with a very soft drink, creamy, dry fruit and wood notes.


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