Winter is here! diageoJohnnie Walker White Walker, which was produced exclusively for Game of Thrones, one of the most popular TV series of recent years, was launched last night at Hasköy Yarn Factory.

At the launch, all the details were thought out to the smallest detail. Venue selection, atmosphere, music, decoration and all the other details will make everyone attending the night just before the new season. Westeros I can say that it put him in the mood...

The White Walker's entry into the night was done in such a grandiose, yet creepy way!

The Night King, who appeared on the scene suddenly, broke a piece of ice with his ax and pulled the White Walker bottle out of the ice. Afterwards Ertan EnginWe listened to the story of the new blend with the narration of .

Another detail I liked at the launch was the Game of Thrones theme cocktails. A menu consisting of You Know Nothing, White Walker Highball, The Red Wedding and White Walker Old Fashioned cocktails was created.

To briefly mention White Walker;

Created by the Johnnie Walker blending team, White Walker includes whiskeys from distilleries such as Cardhu, Clynelish and Cameronbridge, which are also included in the brand's other expressions.

Overall, an easy-drinking blend dominated by vanilla and caramelized flavors. White Walker can be a whiskey that will be enjoyed especially by those who like sweet whiskeys and those who prefer slightly cold/icy whiskey.

Check out my detailed tasting notes for Johnnie Walker White Walker here!

In addition to its Game of Thrones special design, White Walker's bottle contains another hidden detail. A secret message is written on the bottle in thermochromic ink. If you cool the bottle to a certain level, an inscription "Winter is here" appears on the side of the bottle!

Johnnie Walker White Walker looks like it will be an expression that Game of Thrones fans will enjoy and probably never throw away the bottle…

Scenes from the launch night…

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