Kavalan, who has won awards in many international competitions in recent years,  *fıçı sertliğindeki (Cask Strenght) ekspresyonu Kavalan Solist, özenle seçilmiş eski bourbon fıçılarda olgunlaştırılıyor. Kavalan Solist Cask Strength, %57,1’lik alkol seviyesi ile dikkat çeken bir ekspresyon.

*The Barrel Hard Whiskeys are bottled as they are, without adding water, that is, without diluting the alcohol content, after leaving the barrels.

Kavalan Soloist Cask Strength (Taiwan Single Malt, 57,1% abv)

Nose: A perfumed nose. Quite fresh and floral. Vanilla and dried fruit notes are in the foreground. Apricot jam, almonds and biscuits. It has a soft nose for a barrel-hard whiskey.

Palate: Damakta oldukça vahşi ve sıcak. %57,1’lik alkol seviyesini damakta net bir şekilde hissediyoruz. Vanilya, limon, elma ve bala ek olarak kuru meyveler ve baharat. Meyvemsi notalar bekledikçe kendini daha çok gösteriyor.

Finish: A long, dry, spicy and sharp finish. Dried fruit, vanilla and pepper.

Comment: Kavalan Soloist Cask Strength is one of the most interesting expressions I've tasted. Each moment has been a different experience for me. Although I found its character on the palate a little wild, the taste that emerged when I aerated the glass and added 1-2 drops of water was quite satisfying.

Kavalan Soloist Cask Strength
Aromatic, rich and wild.
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