Recently, I attended a wonderful cocktail workshop held at Les Ottomans Hotel as part of World Class 2018.

Last year's World Class Turkey winner and the world's third Kevin PatnodeWe prepared 4 beautiful cocktails designed by Kevin himself at the workshop, which took place with the narration of .

The cocktails we make and their recipes are as follows:

– Bosphorus Cup

  • 6 cl Tanqueray No.10
  • 4cl Peppermint Syrup, Citric Acid
  • 2-3 dash New Raki
  • Lots of ice and soda until the glass is full
  • Mint and/or cucumber as garnish

The Bosphorus Cup has been one of the most interesting cocktails I've ever drank (and prepared)! Undoubtedly, the most important reason why it is interesting is that it contains raki… While adding raki to the cocktail, I had question marks in my mind, but after seeing the harmony of the light anise flavor of gin and raki, I really liked the Bosphorus Cup.

– Zacapa Old Fashioned

  • 6 cl Ron Zacapa
  • 1 cl Creme de Griottes e Chocolate
  • 2 dash Chocolate Bitters
  • 2 dashes of Orange Bitter
  • 2 cl Champagne Cordial
  • 2 cl White Truffle Aroma

Old-Fashioned is one of my favorite whiskey cocktails. Although it is not a substitute for the classic Old-Fashioned, I can say that I also love the rum of this classic and I will definitely try it at home!

Although not as much as whiskey, rum is also a type of drink that I enjoy very much. in this workshop Ron Zacapa 23 SoleraAfter tasting , I wondered if I should add a rum section to the blog.

– Carrot Mule

  • 6 cl Ketel One Vodka
  • 2 cl Carrot juice
  • 2 cl Lemon juice 2 cl
  • 1 teaspoon Sugar
  • Half-cup Pimento Ginger Beer
  • Glow as Garnish

Carrot Mule is an aromatic and refreshing cocktail. Especially those who like the taste of ginger can easily try it.

– Class of 18

  • 6cl Johnnie Walker 18
  • 4cl Lapsang Souchoung
  • Add lots of ice and mix lightly.
  • Pour soda until the glass is full

Class of 18, named after Johnnie Walker 18, who changed identity, is an easy-drinking and refreshing cocktail. Whiskey lovers like me may find the whiskey taste a bit less in this cocktail, so you can increase the amount of whiskey according to your taste.

A little note: Platinum Label will now be on the shelves as Johnnie Walker 18. Emphasis was placed on the phrase "18 Years" with the new design and name.


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