Kilchoman Sanaig, 2005 yılında kurulan ve Islay bölgesinin en genç 2. damıtımevi olan Kilchoman’ın Oloroso Şeri ve Bourbon fıçılardan olgunlaştırıp, yıl ibaresiz olarak %46 dereceyle şişelediği ekspresyonu.

Kilchoman, which gives importance to quality rather than quantity in whiskey production, carries out the entire whiskey production process in its own facility. From barley cultivation to water supply, malting to ripening, all production is done in Kilchoman.

Also known as “Farm distillery”, this boutique brand entered Turkey as of February 2021 with the expressions of Sanaig and Machir Bay.

If you want to get detailed information about Kilchoman distillery and Islay region, “All About Islay Whiskeys” .

Kilchoman Sanaig (İskoç Single Malt, %46 abv)

Nose: With the first sniff, the sherry cask is very revealing. Sweet scents such as raisins, dried apricots, peaches, candy apples and caramel are followed by elegant smoked notes. I've also picked up on full-blown scents, which I can call sweet oak, cinnamon, and white chocolate. Quite balanced and full.

Palate: Smoked and spicy flavors accompany raisins, dried apricots, oranges, caramel and chocolate. Black pepper and light iodine flavors enveloping the palate. It has a full-bodied character that fills the palate. Compared to the nose, sherry and spice are slightly more pronounced on the palate.

Finish: A long slightly dry finish with raisin, caramel and black pepper flavors.

Comment: Kilchoman Sanaig is a full-bodied, aromatic expression that will greatly satisfy lovers of both sherry barrel flavors and Islay whiskeys.


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Kilchoman Sanaig
A full, aromatic expression that will more than satisfy those who love both sherry barrel flavors and Islay whiskeys.
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  1. Oktay

    Hello, I've just started whiskey, I follow your articles and tasting notes closely. I think the taste I'm looking for is a little sooty, a little spicy, I think it's a blackberry and creamy full whiskey. If we look at the price performance, what would you recommend?
    PS: I have benriac aberlor and monkey soulder on my list

      • Oktay

        Thank you very much for your attention. I tried the black label, I like it, now I'm after other flavors, do you have any suggestions?

      • Baris Coral

        For this, the most logical thing to do is to do a little research on this page, because there are hundreds of whiskeys and the options do not decrease with the criteria you mentioned. I suggest you type your favorite flavors in whiskey in the search section and see which whiskeys are available, or if you like Johnnie Walker, you can taste other expressions of the brand. Like Johnnie Walker 18, Green Label, newly released Black Label Sherry Edition, Black Label Origin series…


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