Kilkerran 8 Cask Strength, Scotland Campbeltown located in Glengyle Expression that the distillery has matured in Bourbon barrels for 8 years and then bottled it at 56.5% grade at Cask Strength.

For detailed information about Campbeltown and other whiskey regions “All About Scotch Whiskeys” .

Kilkerran 8 Cask Strength (Scottish Single Malt, 56.5% abv)

Nose: Elegant sooty aromas accompany vanilla, caramel, peach and oak scents. The alcohol level of 56.5 is obvious but not disturbing. With the aeration of the glass, the fresh scents, which I can call fruit gum and softener, become evident.

Palate: A very hot and scorching palate that makes you feel the keg hardness. Plenty of pepper, soot and salt flavors are accompanied by sharp flavors such as peach liqueur and apple candy. I have experienced that even when I drop a few drops of water, the character of soot and salt does not decrease.

Finish: A dry, warm and long-lasting finish with soot, salt and apple flavors.

Comment: This expression of Kilkerran barrel-hardness is a strong and warm whiskey that will warm you up on cold days. I liked the harmony of sweet-smoky aromas on the nose and the fact that it was balanced despite the pronounced alcohol level. I wish the same balance was on the palate.


Kilkerran 8 Cask Strength
Strong and hot enough to burn you during cold days... I liked the harmony of sweet-sooty aromas on the nose and the balance although the alcohol level is clear. I wish the same balance was on the palate. 
85%Overall Score
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