One of the Lagavulin distillery's Distillers Edition bottlings Lagavulin Distillers Edition 2001, the last stage of the maturation period Pedro Ximenez şeri fıçılarında geçiriyor. 2001 yılında damıtılan ekspresyon, 2017 yılında %43 alkol derecesi ile şişelenmiş.

Lagavulin Distillers Edition 2001 (İskoç Single Malt, %43 abv)

Nose: As we would expect from a Lagavulin, sooty, smoked, and woody scents are immediately evident. Immediately followed by notes of milk chocolate, caramel, malt and sherry. It is quite balanced, full and soft. As my glass got airy, the scents of sherry and chocolate became more pronounced. Finally, I can say that I also smell light mint and grassy scents.

Palate: A wonderful combination of sooty, smokey flavors and sherry! Compared to the nose, the sherry character is more dominant. Sweet aromas such as dried fruits, vanilla and dark chocolate are accompanied by soot, cinnamon and black peppercorns. A mouthwatering, delicious palate.

FinishA dry, spicy long finish with aromas of sherry and black pepper.

Overall: Lagavulin Distillers Edition 2001 was an expression that exceeded my expectations. Especially the richness of aroma in the nose and the balance in the palate are really successful.

Compared to the standard 16-year expression of the brand, I can say that the sherry character is more and the peat character is a little less in the Distillers Edition.

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Lagavulin Distillers Edition 2001
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