Macallan Reflexion, the brand's legendary chief distiller Bob DalgarnoA special expression with 43 degrees alcohol, created from whiskeys aged in American and Spanish first filling oak barrels with sherry aged in them.

Like all Macallan's premium expressions, Reflexion has a great bottle design. Reflexion is offered for sale in a very elegant bottle, almost reminiscent of a luxury carafe.

I had the opportunity to taste Macallan Reflexion for the first time in a great vertical Macallan tasting. In addition to Reflexion, the flavor included expressions such as Macallan Rare Cask and Rare Cask Black.

Macallan Reflexion (İskoç Single Malt, %43 abv)

Nose: Sherry… In the tasting notes on some foreign whiskey blogs, this type of whiskey is called "Sherry Bomb". This is how I would like to start my tasting note: “Sherry bomb”! The sherry character we see in all of Macallan's expressions is really at the forefront in Reflexion. It has a very intense and sweet character with orange, raisin, honey, vanilla and caramel.

Palate: It is quite dense and bodied. The raisin and orange flavors I get on the nose become more intense on the palate. It's like jam! Spicy and liquor-like flavors are added to the sherry character on the nose. It burns the palate very slightly with bitter, cinnamon and light black pepper. Oak notes are also quite intense. Body and aromatic. From chewy whiskey…

Finish: Oranges and raisins are still effective. Oak, bitter and very light black pepper. Long finish.

Overall: As I mentioned before starting my tasting note, Macallan Reflexion is a sherry bomb. Reflexion starts with a soft sherry character on the nose and makes a strong finish by combining spice and oak notes on the palate. A very full bodied and aromatic expression.

In short, Reflexion is a whiskey that will satisfy those who love whiskeys with sherry characteristics. Of course, you need to allocate a serious budget for this…

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Macallan Reflexion
An aromatic and intense whiskey that starts with a soft sherry character on the nose and offers sherry, spice and oak notes on the palate.
90%Overall Score
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  1. batuhan

    When I drank a whiskey that was too expensive but worth the money, I said, if this is whiskey, what did we drink before 🙂

    • & Whiskey

      While drinking such whiskeys, you should enjoy it separately, as it can be difficult to come across it again and drink it even if you come across it… 🙂


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