Maker's Mark 46's standard Maker's Mark ekspresyonundan 3 önemli farklı bulunuyor. Bunlardan ilki Maker’s 46’nın biraz daha uzun bir süre olgunlaştırılması. Diğer bir farkı ise %47 gibi “ilginç” bir alkol derecesiyle şişelenmiş olması (Neden %46 değil dediğinizi duyar gibiyim).

Finally, the real difference of Maker's Mark 46 lies after the maturity stage. After the standard maturation of Maker's 46, cask strips made of burnt French oak are taken into new casks for finishing. With this process, it is aimed to reveal rich aromas.

What does the number "46" in the name of Maker's Mark 46 represent?

The number 46 represents the formula for French oak barrels used in the final stage of whiskey maturation. Of the 125 different barrels tried to find the right oak, the 46th was chosen.

Maker's Mark 46 (Bourbon, 47% abv)

Nose: Lots of caramel, maple syrup, honey, sugar apples and vanilla. A very sweet and airy nose. Sweet aromas are accompanied by woody and cognac-like scents. Even though it doesn't bother, alcohol says I'm here...

PalateIt has a hot and spicy character on the palate. Cinnamon, black pepper, bitter and burnt oak. As on the nose, sweet aromas such as caramel, vanilla, fugde, maple syrup and After Eight are evident. 47 degrees of alcohol makes itself felt. Hot and sharp. However, it is fuller and richer than the standard Maker's Mark.

Finish: A warm and long finish with oak, caramel and black pepper flavors.

Comment: Maker's Mark 46 is a complex and well-balanced bourbon with very rich flavors. I can say that I especially like the full sweet-spicy aromas on the palate. But it is a little difficult to say that it is successful in terms of price-performance…

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Maker's Mark 46
Maker's Mark 46 is a complex and well-balanced bourbon with very rich flavors.
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