Gusto Whiskey Club We opened the new season with an incredible taste.

at my taste “Malts Crowned with Sherry Barrels” We talked about the importance of sherry in the whiskey world and tasted great examples of sherry-influenced whiskeys. To my taste as always dear Mehmet Yalcin's narration and very enjoyable stories accompanied it.

Before tasting, I would like to briefly talk about Sherry Wine..

Sherry is a special type of wine produced in the Jerez region of southern Spain and has been fortified. Sherry has two important features that distinguish it from other wines.

The first of these is to allow the formation of mold on the fermented wine by contacting the air in the production of sherry. This mold, which is formed by the natural yeast found in the peel of the grapes used in sherry production, acts as a membrane (fluorine) and limits oxidation.

Another detail that distinguishes sherry from other wines is the use in the ripening process. “Solera” method. I can briefly summarize this method as the blending of wines of various ages in different barrels with a certain harmony, maturing and blending.

Palamino, Pedroximenez ve Moscatel üzümlerinden yapılan Şeri şarabının alkol oranı ortalama %15-18 arasında değişirken, %22’ye kadar çıkabilen örnekler de bulunuyor.

According to the production method of sherry wine, it is divided into 6 types as Oloroso, Fino, Pedro Ximenez, Manzanilla, Amontillado and Palo Cortado.

The characteristics of whiskeys that have been kept in sherry barrels also vary according to the type of sherry.

In general, we can say that maturing in sherry barrels imparts rich and complex flavors to whiskey. Sharp sweet flavors such as berries and dried fruits are often seen in sherry whiskeys.

After getting to know the sherry wine briefly, let's come to the tasting…

Before moving on to whiskeys, in order to better understand the character of Sherry wine, Lustau Sherry tasted. This wine, with molasses, walnut and earthy notes on the nose, was sour, bitter and quite sweet on the palate.

In whiskey tasting, a very special line-up has emerged with the contributions of Gusto Whiskey Club members Deniz Ergener and Veysel Oğuz and our guests Özgür Özlen and Cem Alpay!

The following whiskeys were tasted in order:

  • Ledaig Sherry Finish (%42 abv)
  • Gordon & MacPhail Glenlivet 15 (%43 abv)
  • Macallan 10 (1990’lardan bir şişeleme, %43 abv)
  • Macallan Edition No.3 (%48,3 abv)
  • The Pot Still Glenrothes Sherry Butt 11 (%63,4 abv)
  • Glendronach 2002 Single Cask No.4648 (%54,7 abv)
  • Bowmore Limited Edition Sherry Matured 1990 (%53,8 abv)

Here are the details about each expression and my brief tasting notes:

Ledaig Sherry Finish: Peat was used in this expression of the Tobermory distillery located on the island of Mull, Scotland, and sherry barrels were preferred at the end of maturation.

On the nose, sweet aromas such as peach, apricot and vanilla are accompanied by peat. In a balanced and light image. I didn't really feel the sherry on the nose. It is more spicy on the palate than on the nose. Sweet and peaty aromas are just right. Cinnamon, raisins and slightly chocolatey. The finish is short/medium, cinnamon, peaty and dry.

Gordon & MacPhail Glenlivet 15: A 15-year-old Glenlivet aged in its own cellar from carefully selected partial sherry barrels by independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail.

It is quite elegant on the nose. Floral and fruity scents are dominant. Peach, lemon and citrus. It's almost like jam... It has a slightly warmer character on the palate. Fruity, full and easy to drink. The finish is short in length, peach and slightly dry.

Macallan 10: In the 1990s or as Mehmet Yalçın put it “From when Macallan was Macallan” a bottling.

Floral and sweet on the nose. Fragrances of dried fruit, peach and baked apple. It is quite balanced, elegant and full. Sherry shows its effect on the palate immediately. Citrus, raisin and peach flavors are accompanied by cinnamon. Full and strong. A delicious long finish. Sherry is still in effect.

Macallan Edition No.3: It is the third product of the joint cask experiences of renowned perfume master Roja Dove and Macallan's chief distiller Bob Dalgarno. Expression, bottled from 6 different barrels of 4 types, has an alcohol rating of 48.3.

On the nose, dried fruit, orange peel, citrus, vanilla and chocolatey scents. Oak notes are also quite dominant. Fresh and balanced, it does not feel alcohol at all. On the palate, we see similar aromas with the nose, but in a slightly stronger structure. Dried fruit, vanilla and fresh fruity flavors are accompanied by cinnamon and ginger. The finish is long, sherry and bitter.

The Pot Still Glenrothes Sherry Butt 11: An expression that independent bottler The Pot Still bottles from a single sherry cask to cask hardness from the Glenrothes distillery. This bottle has an assertive alcohol level of 63.4.

A very compelling nose, the alcohol is too sharp… After the glass waits for a while, sharp sherry notes are felt. On the palate, it feels like you're drinking a high-alcohol sherry. Tasty and scorching… The finish is long, sherry, and extremely hot.

Glendronach 2002 Single Cask No.4648: Pedro Ximénez şeri fıçılarında 15 yıl olgunlaşmış, %54,7 alkol derecesiyle şişelenmiş çok özel bir ekspresyon.

It's like an aged rum on the nose. Lots of caramel, brown sugar, grapes and chocolate. The rum character is still evident on the palate. Plus cinnamon and milk chocolate. Creamy and aromatic. The finish is long, cinnamon, vanilla and sherry.

Bowmore Limited Edition Sherry Matured 1990: Master this particular expression Mehmet YalcinI want to share in the words of

Bowmore's “Limited Edition Sherry Matured”, which was distilled in 1990, was aged in the same barrel for 16 years in the cellars of the island of Islay below sea level after being pressed in just a few barrels, and was bottled as it is, without reducing the alcohol content and without even filtering, as soon as the barrels are opened… Very little This whiskey, which was released in a number of issues and was almost looted by the passionate collectors of Bowmore, was seized by the author of these lines at an auction in 2009 and has been waiting to this day as a “sleeping beauty” at a reliable address in Frankfurt.

Peat effect on the nose is quite high. Leather, tincture of diode and gauze… These are followed by light sherry and bitters. Intense but not tiring, in a balanced structure. Surprisingly soft on the palate… There is a wonderful balance of sherry and peat. Peat, raisin, tobacco flavors in the finish. Long lasting and dry.

Summary of Tasting

It is very difficult to choose the favorite in tastings with very special whiskeys like this one. Therefore, with your permission, I will highlight 3 whiskeys.

For me this is the star of my taste Glendronach 2002 Single Cask No.4648 it happened. A highly aromatic and full-bodied whiskey. I can say that it is one of my favorite whiskeys. (Many thanks to Özgür Özlen for sharing this special bottle with us!)

In second place is Macallan's bottled bottle for the UK domestic market in the 1990s. Macallan 10 is coming. Mehmet Bey's “The years when Macallan was Macallan” Your comment is really true. This bottle is very different from today's Macallans… (Many thanks to Cem Alpay for the great bottle)

In the 3rd place, I deemed 2 whiskeys worthy. Bowmore Limited Edition Sherry Matured 1990 and Macallan Edition No.3… Bowmore's soft palate and peat-sherry harmony were very successful. Macallan Edition No.3, on the other hand, is incredibly rich, filling and delicious… (Thanks to Mehmet Yalçın for Bowmore and Veysel Oğuz for Macallan)

Thanks as always to Mehmet Yalçın for his excellent narration, Deniz Ergener, Veysel Oğuz and our guests Özgür Özlen and Cem Alpay, who made the tasting unforgettable with their contributions, and of course all Gusto Whiskey Club members for the enjoyable evening!

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