Metallica, one of the world's most famous Heavy Metal bands, is releasing whiskey!

The whiskey that would bear the Blackened name, "Black Noise" It is matured by a special method called According to the Black Noise method, Metallica music is played to the barrels with speakers during maturation.

With this method, it is said that the contact between the whiskey and the barrel is increased thanks to the vibration provided by the music, thus giving the whiskey more intense woody aromas. For each batch (batch), different songs were preferred.

It should be noted that Blackened is also the name of a song from Metallica's 1988 album Justice for All.

Blackened is a blend of different bourbon and rye whiskeys, with Dave Pickerell, the former chief distiller of Maker's Mark, contributed to its development. Brandy barrels are used in the maturation of whiskey.

Blackened, which will be produced 5,000 units from each batch (batch), will be offered for sale at a price of 53$.

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