Produced in the town of Louisville, Kentucky, Michter's is a well-established Bourbon brand dating back to the 1700s. Founded in 1753, the brand has the distinction of being America's first whiskey producer. It is possible to see this claim in the phrase "US1" on their labels.

Michter’s adopt a “Cost be Damned” approach to their production and the focus is always on quality. With a few small touches during the production process, the process becomes a little more costly, but the desired character can be achieved this way. The most important of these touches is that the brand toasts its barrels before putting them into the charring process. This helps to make the wood’s sugars more accessible.Additionally, Michter's dries its barrels for 18-48 months, before putting them together in order to enhance the natural properties of the wood which allow for better flavor and to reduce the levels of tannin imparted to the whiskey.

Finally, Michter's fills their barrels at 51.5%, a lower alcohol level than the industry standard (62.5%). Even though this means getting less whiskey from the barrel, the goal is to get more balanced flavors. (Price at the time of tasting £49.45)

Michter's Small Batch Bourbon (Straight Bourbon, 45.7% abv)

Nose: Caramel, brown sugar, chocolate, toffee and butter cookies are followed by leather, burnt oak, tobacco and cloves. Quite sweet and full.

Palate: Sweet aromas on the nose are still there, yet way much weaker. Caramel, brown sugar and bitter chocolate are followed by orange peel, black pepper, cinnamon and roasted oak. Easy to sip.

Finish: A warm, spicy, medium length finish.

Overall: Although Michter's Small Batch Bourbon is a very pleasant Bourbon on the nose, I can say that it disappointed me a little on the palate and the finish. Especially not being able to see the sweet fullness on the palate made me a bit sad. Yet, I really enjoyed it with a large ice rather than neat.


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Michter's Small Batch Bourbon
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