Monkey 47 Barrel Cut (Germany, 47% abv)

Monkey 47 Barrel Cut is an experimental gin with 47 degrees alcohol made from 47 different botanicals and herbs from the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) region of Germany, near the Swiss border. This expression of the brand is matured for approximately 180 days in 110-liter mulberry barrels that are lightly burned before bottling. Being the first filling, these barrels give Gin sweet flavors and different layers.

Tasting Notes: Fruity notes are evident on the nose and palate. I can say it's like "liquor", especially on the nose. Citrus, wood and spice stand out. Alcohol is evident on the palate and fruity flavors are sharpened. It has a very aromatic and intense character.


Photo Credit: servedbysoberon

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Monkey 47 Barrel Cut
Quite aromatic and strong. It can be consumed pleasantly with a single large ice. I think it would go very well with cocktails.
82%Overall Score
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