“Month of Malt” is a project that aims to spread the ever-increasing whiskey culture in our country and to provide unique experiences to whiskey lovers with special presentations.

Within the scope of this project, which was first realized in 2016, a very special whiskey menu is created in distinguished venues of Istanbul during the months of November and December. 

Twins Cocktail In this special menu prepared by our company, each whiskey is served with special accompaniments and served with wonderful presentations that turn the whiskey pleasure into a ritual.

You can reach the Month of Malt menu at Galvin, People, Spago, Escale, Ruby, Mitte and North Shield Göztepe locations.

I had the opportunity to try it for the first time last year. Month of MaltI attended a tasting at Kanyon Escale to take a look at this year's menu of .

Similar to last year, this year's Month of Malt menu is also Glenlivet and Aberlor malt whiskeys.

Other notable whiskeys on the menu are one of the most northerly distillery in Scotland. scapa and Month of Malt's only blend whiskey. Chivas Regal'he said.

I didn't try my taste last year and therefore I was wondering. Glenlivet 18 I started with Next to Glenlivet 18, chocolate with roasted barley malt and slightly sooty banana was preferred. Glenlivet's rich fruity flavors and fullness on the palate are in perfect harmony with this chocolate.

Of course, the detail that caught my attention more than both whiskey and chocolate in this presentation was the whiskey glass in the shape of a pipe. This glass, specially prepared for Month of Malt, adds a different pleasure to my drink…

My next choice for tasting is one of my favorite Aberlor expressions. Aberlor 16 it happened. The expression, which is served in a wooden barrel accompanied by smoke, offers a successful balance of raisins, hazelnuts and light spices on the nose, and sweet, oak and spicy aromas on the palate.

It's worth a try even just for the special keg presentation…

Post Aberlour 16, a slightly wilder expression of the distillery Aberlor A'Bunadh I switched to Batch No.60. This expression, which has the characteristic of being Cask Strength, that is, bottled in “barrel hardness” without adding water after it comes out of the barrel, has a high alcohol level of 60.3.

Aberlour A'bunadh is served with Bosnian dried meat and purified water filtered from charcoal. The water detail here is very important. Because the alcohol level is very high in barrel-hard whiskeys, when we add a little water to the whiskey, the aromas hidden behind the burning alcohol are revealed.

A’bunadh’ın servis edildiği kadehte de su ilavesine vurgu yapılmış. Kadehe dikkatli baktığımızda, viskinin alkol oranını %40’a düşürmek için koyulması gereken su miktarı bir işaretle belirtilmiş.

My last choice in taste is the single malt blend (Blended Malt), which entered the Month of Malt menu this year and is on the menu. Chivas Ultimate it happened.

Chivas Ultis, which is a blend of malt whiskeys distilled in Tormore, Longmorn, Strathisla, Allt A'Bhainne and Braeval distilleries from the Speyside region of Scotland, is served in a very elegant glass, placed on cracked ice and slightly cool.

Chivas Ultis is a rich expression that offers intense vanilla, honey and oak flavors on the nose and fruity, cinnamon and caramel flavors on the palate.

During the tasting, chatting about the stories of the brands on the menu, discussing their compatibility with the accompanying accompaniments, and examining and talking about special presentation styles made the tasting much more enjoyable.

You can check out the Month of Malt tasting I attended last year here!


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