Introduced to the market in 2011, Naked Grouse is a blend whiskey that is matured in first-fill sherry barrels and bottled at an alcohol level of 40 degrees.

Naked Grouse started to be marketed as Blended Malt as of 2017. In other words, it is not easy to find the expression you are currently reading on the shelves…

new Naked Grouse Blended Malt, contains malts such as Macallan, Highland Park, and Glenturret in its blend and does not contain grain whiskey as it is a malt blend.

Naked Grouse (Scottish Blend, abv)

Nose: Fruity notes such as apple and peach are accompanied by a very distinctive sherry scent. It gives a very intense and aromatic impression. Oak and vanilla scents are also quite dominant.

Palate: The sherry character stands out even more on the palate. Following that, in addition to dried fruits such as dried apricots and figs, I got a cinnamon flavor that makes itself felt around the tongue.

Its alcohol is like a little more than . If I had a blind taste, I could have guessed . However, it is easy to drink and delicious.

Finish: Medium to long dry and sweet finish. Sherry and cinnamon are prominent. 

CommentIn general, I can say that Naked Grouse is a very aromatic and intense whiskey. An easy-drinking expression that will delight those who love the sherry character.

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Naked Grouse
An intense yet easy-drinking expression in which sherry character is dominant.
85%Overall Score
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