Nikka Coffey Grain A whiskey that tells us the details we need to know about it, even just by name. Let me first start by saying that Nikka Coffey Grain is in the grain (grain) whiskey category. In the grain mix %95 oranında mısır, %5 oranında da maltlanmış arpa bulunuyor. Bu yüksek mısır oranı ile eğer Nikka Coffey Grain Japonya’da değil de Amerika’da üretilseymiş bir Bourbon sınıfına girermiş dedirtiyor…

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Another important feature of Nikka Coffey Grain is that this expression *Coffey being produced in retorts. These retorts were brought from Scotland in 1963 to the Miyagikyo distillery where the production is made.

*Coffey stills are stills based on the continuous distillation method, which are generally used in the production of grain whiskey.

Nikka Coffey Grain (Japon Tahıl, %45 abv)

Nose: A very elegant and sweet nose. Cereal, lemon and nutmeg in addition to caramel, vanilla and sugar. As it airs, notes of oak and vanilla increase.

Palate: A delicious and soft palate. Caramel, vanilla, and grain notes on the nose are also prominent on the palate. Additionally light oak and milk chocolate. It has a very creamy texture.

Finish: A long, drying and slightly sweet finish.

Comment: Nikka Coffey Grain is among my favorite whiskeys in this category with its creamy texture and my favorite caramel and chocolate flavors. A very tasty and light whiskey.

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A little note: Before tasting, it is a standard tasting gesture to see how the whiskey inside the glass is rolled by slightly turning/shaking the glass (Swirl). It is said that whiskeys that fill the glass well are creamy, full and mouth-watering whiskeys.

This method does not give accurate information every time. As a matter of fact, there are many whiskeys that fill the glass excessively but not full. But I still apply it for every taste, a little out of habit.

When I applied this method for Nikka Coffey Grain, I was very intrigued by the fact that it rolled almost the entire glass. So much so that the whiskey plastering the rim of the glass was almost frozen. What intrigued me even more was that the test actually gave accurate information about the palate profile of the whiskey this time.

With its very creamy texture that plasters both the glass and my palate. Nikka Coffey GrainAn expression that will stay in my mind.

Nikka Coffey Grain
It is among my favorites in the cereal category with its creamy texture and my favorite caramel and chocolate flavors. A very tasty and light whiskey.
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