Like many whiskey lovers, my adventure with whiskey started with light-profile, easy-to-find blended whiskeys. This blend was accompanied by Tennessee and bourbon whiskeys from time to time.

As my curiosity and knowledge on whiskey increased, I made a sharp transition to single malt whiskeys. With this transition, I do not prefer the whiskeys I have drunk before, and I drink single malts of different profiles, which are less common and more expensive compared to blends.

I haven't had a drink in a long time at a taste I attended recently. Johnnie Walker Red LabelI came across To be frank, I was a little strange to have Red Label on the tasting menu. After all, this was a whiskey tasting and there should have been some more “expensive and cool” whiskeys! Luckily on the menu Caol Ila, HibikiBlack Label There were also whiskeys like…

At the end of the tastingWhat was your favorite whiskey tasting?When I answered the question "JW Red Label" in a way I never expected, not only myself but also other participants were surprised. But I felt so happy with Red Label, which I hadn't had for a long time...

After tasting JW Red Label I realized that I was unfair to many whiskeys like this one, and I immediately bought a Red Label and placed it next to the single malts in my whiskey corner. It is one of the whiskeys that I have enjoyed the most in the last few weeks. (JW Red Label's tasting notes can be found here)

As the curiosity about whiskey and the knowledge learned about whiskey increase, “convenient and easy-to-find whiskeys”I often see the tendency to move away from people around me, just as I experience it myself. I have heard many assertive sayings such as “Is that whiskey too?”, “I don't drink anything but Lagavulin”, “No whiskey on top of the Japanese”.

But in this way, maybe we don't turn our backs on dozens of whiskeys that we can enjoy greatly?

The Johnnie Walker Red Label, which I came across after a long time, was a warning for me… Therefore, my humble advice is that you should evaluate the whiskeys regardless of their prices, types, availability or brand images, and include the pleasure you get while evaluating them among your criteria.


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