Prototype:Raki Lot 2020_0001 (Turkey, 45% abv)

Prototype:Rakı Lot 2020_0001 is a boutique raki produced in Mey İçki's facilities in Alaşehir, with the formula developed by famous chef Mehmet Gürs and gastronomy writer Cemre Torun. Distilled from Elazığ Öküzgözü grapes and Denizli Karaçay anise, this interesting raki is distilled 3 times, 7% of suma in copper alembic and 93% in column stills. Afterwards, the raki is kept in oak barrels for a short time and bottled at 45% abv.

Similar to Prototype:Rakı Lot 2020_0001, which produced only 7000 bottles, we will continue to see interesting formulas under the Prototype:Rakı brand in the future.

Tasting Notes: Anise and grape character is well-balanced. On the palate grape is quite distinctive, which we don't see a lot in other rakis. Texture is thick and creamy.

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Prototype: Raki Lot 2020_0001
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