Thanks to & Whiskey, I met many beautiful people from different profiles, both through tastings and social media. Thanks to these people I met, I learned more about whiskey and other subjects and improved myself.

& I have been following whiskey since the first day and had pleasant conversations about whiskey. Serkan Yilmaz He is also one of these beautiful people I met thanks to whiskey. In one of our conversations, Serkan talked about his interest in perfumes in addition to whiskey and that the perfume & whiskey duo is actually very similar. Of course, I was very interested in this subject and I asked him to write an article about it as a guest writer on my site. Thankfully, he did not offend me and wrote a very interesting article.

Now I leave you alone with Serkan's article on Whiskey & Perfume.

Single Malt By Kilian

You may be a little surprised when you see the whiskey & perfume duo side by side, but they actually have a lot in common. I think their history dating back hundreds of years, their rich and complex scents, the fact that they require a certain expertise are enough to make whiskey & perfume similar with its faults...

Just as Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal or Jack Daniel's come to mind when whiskey is mentioned, brands such as Tom Ford, Dior or Chanel come to mind when many people think of perfume. But as you can imagine, the world of perfume is much richer, just like whiskey.

In addition to the popular brands we have mentioned, there are also quite niche perfume brands that have a limited production and distribution network and can touch the olfactory memory of many people with the scents they create. One of them is Kilian, which I follow closely!

First of all, I would like to briefly talk about the Kilian brand, which is the subject of this article.

Kilian is one of the world's most luxurious cognac producers. Hennessy heir to the brand Kilian Hennessy A perfume brand created by

Having studied perfume and working with brands such as Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani, Kilian established his own brand in 2007. Kilian does not neglect the family tradition while creating his perfumes and uses different drink themes in his perfumes.

Kilian released in 2015. Single Malt It appeals to the noses of whiskey lovers with its scent.

If I need to talk briefly about Single Malt perfume;

As soon as you squeeze the scent, a very strong alcohol smell welcomes you. It's the kind of smell that punches the nose, just like when you pour a high-alcohol whiskey into a glass... After the smell of alcohol is restrained a little, a malt smell emerges that will bring a smile to the faces of whiskey lovers. After the malt scent, very pleasant sweet scents such as plum and vanilla appear. Towards the end, cedar wood scent is added to malt and sweet scents.

I can't help but say that I liken the smell of my perfume to the scent that fruity whiskeys leave in the glass the next day! If I even had to name a whiskey, Aberlor 12 I can say.

The performance of the perfume is quite satisfactory. Its effect lasts for about 10 hours.

The architect of this perfume is the perfumer Sidonie LancesseurI really want to congratulate him! Sidonie has created a very pleasant perfume that makes you feel the whiskey notes all the way. (We can compare perfumers to the chief blenders in the whiskey world)

Let's say that you have to pay a fee of 265 Euros for a 50ml bottle of Single Malt perfume.

Although I really like Kilian's Single Malt perfume, I don't think this perfume is suitable for daily use. Although it has a character that will satisfy whiskey lovers, it may bother some noses as it has a strong whiskey smell...

Single Malt By Kilian perfume, an important city for whiskey lovers (due to whiskey festivals and abundance of whiskey bars) London'Specially produced for Kilian boutique in For this reason, it is unfortunately not possible to find it outside of Kilian boutiques…

A little advice: If I were to use a Kilian perfume myself, my choice would definitely be Straight to Heaven with a rum theme or Apple Brandy with a Brandy theme.

Serkan Yilmaz


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