Japanese liquor giant Suntory recently announced that it will release a very interesting whiskey: Suntory World Whiskey Ao!

Consisting of a blend of whiskeys produced in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, America and Japan, Suntory Ao is the first “World Whiskey” It features!

Included in the Japanese giant Suntory Beam Suntory, has many distilleries from all over the world. Whiskeys from these distilleries will also be used in the production of Suntory World Whiskey Ao.

Among these distilleries, from Scotland Laphroaig, Bowmore, Auchentoshan, Ardmore; from Ireland Kilbeggan, cooley; from america Jim Beam and from Canada Canadian Club There are brands and distilleries such as

But of course we like Beam Suntory more Yazamaki, Hakushu and Hibiki We know with brands. 

According to the information received from the company, the complex of Suntory Ao, “Rich and balanced sooty character” It is said to happen.

Suntory Ao is bottled with an alcohol level of 43 degrees and no age mark (Nas).

Suntory Ao, which has been announced to be available for sale all over the world, will first meet with whiskey lovers in Japan in April 2019. It is stated that the price of the express will be 5000 Yen ($50). 


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