Talisker 10, a classic Island malt from the Isle of Skye. Aged for a minimum of 10 years in American oak casks, this expression represents the “Islands” in the Diageo’s Classic Malts series.I reserved the my first english tasting note to Talisker 10 for a reason. This delicious dram was the one who had initially started the whisky passion in me when I was studying in Nottingham. The first thing I said after a sip of Talisker 10 was “Ocean Water”. It was quite different them all the other whiskies I tasted before…

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Talisker 10 (Scotch Single Malt, 45.8% abv)

Nose: It has a sharp alcohol smell that will warm you up as soon as you smell it. An intense smokiness that will satisfy all the smoke lovers... We feel the island effect with the salt, seaweed and oyster notes. Slightly sweet with orange, followed by intense oak.

Palate: Full and oily texture. The effect of alcohol in the nose decreases on the palate and reaches a more balanced level. I directly got smoky and salty aromas followed by oak and black pepper. A hint of sweetness with a caramel and burnt brown sugar. It is possible to feel a slight metallic taste in the mouth.

Finish: Long and full. Talisker remains on the palate even after 1-2 breaths after. Intense oak and metallic flavors stand out in the finish.

Comment“Made by the sea” slogan pretty much summarise this beautiful dram. It has intense coastal spiciness, peaty and peppery aromas with a little sweet character.

Although my favorite whisky changes depending on my mood, my day or weather, Talisker 10 is always a perfect choice for me.

A Little Advice: I really like Talisker 10 with smoked flavors and seafood. Smoky cheese, meat or fish would be a perfect pairing.

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Talisker 10
A wonderful harmony of smoked, spicy and slightly sweet aromas. It is a must-try for smoky whisky lovers.
89%Overall Score
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6 Responses

  1. trjedissOguzhan

    I just had the opportunity to taste Talisker 10 yo. As a native of Ankara, its smell was reminiscent of the intense salt smell that comes to your nose after you first enter and exit the sea. It made me feel like it was a fatty and oily drink, but the caramelized sugar I got towards the end was also a pleasure. Talisker was really what I expected I will be processing Lagavulin in my next discovery. Have a nice drink :))

    • Burak Aktan

      Take it from me as well.. I smell the mushroom for 5-10 minutes before drinking, then put it in the glass and smell it in the glass for another 5-10 minutes. I take a sip about every 10 minutes… Satisfaction is something like that 😉

  2. Volcano

    Talisker is in the top 3 of my must-haves list. For me, it is a whiskey that I consume with pleasure, especially in the summer months.


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