Talisker 25, iconic distillery of the island of Skye TaliskerExpression that after aging for 25 years, it is bottled at cask strength with an alcohol level of 58.1. The 2007 edition of Talisker 25, which uses American oak hogshead and European oak barrels to mature, is one of 6894 bottles for this year.

I attended Talisker 25 in Glasgow. Whiskey Show Old & Rare I had the opportunity to taste it at the whiskey show. Here are my notes on this event and other whiskeys I've tasted. from this link .

Talisker 25 Cask Strength (İskoç Single Malt, %58,1 abv)

Nose: Fresh fruit, sherry, jam, honey and vanilla flavors are at the forefront with the first sniff. Especially sherry and oak are very prominent. These aromas are accompanied by the sooty, salty and peppery notes of Talisker that we are used to. It feels barrel hard on the nose, but not at an uncomfortable level. It is in a structure that opens the nose, spacious and strong.

Palate: A palate that is very compatible with the character in the nose. Aromatic flavors such as raisins, oranges, molasses, sherry, bitters and fudge are accompanied by sooty, smoked, salty and peppery flavors. Intense oak flavors do justice to 25 years. The barrel hardness is a little more pronounced on the palate. Aromatic, sharp and rich.

Finish: Oak, soot, sherry and pepper. A long and dry finish.

Overall: As a Talisker fan, the Talisker 25 has been an expression on my list for a long time. In Talisker 25, we feel the effect of long aging, especially when the peat is replaced by a little oak on the nose.

I can say that I was very surprised by the fresh fruity aromas I smelled at the first smell. The familiar sooty and peppery scents that follow right behind are very balanced. The palate is simply wonderful. In general, I can say that it exceeded my expectations.

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Talisker 25 Cask Strength
Sooty, salty and peppery flavors with fresh fruity and oak flavors. A highly aromatic and powerful expression.
94%Overall Score
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