Talisker 57° North is an expression of the brand that is bottled in cask strength (barrel hardness) with an alcohol level of 57 degrees and offered for sale as Nas. named Talisker 57° North,  ScotlandIt takes its name from 57° latitude, where the distillery located on the island of Skye, is geographically located.

Talisker 57° North (İskoç Single Malt, %57 abv)

Nose: With the first smell, it makes you feel the sooty, smokey and salty notes. It looks like a very oily and strong whiskey. As the glass gets a little airier, sweet aromas such as vanilla and orange become evident. In addition, there are scents that I can call fresh and wet oak. 57 degrees alcohol does not feel in the nose yet.

Palate: It explodes on the palate. It is quite spicy and has a structure that makes you feel alcohol. In addition to the bitterness of ginger, black pepper, salt and sweet and caramel-like aromas, although not as effective as in the nose. It creates a greasy and full feeling in the mouth. By adding 1-2 drops of water to your glass, you can reveal the sweet aromas a little more.

Finish: Quite long, dry and sharp finish. The sooty aromas that start in the nose are also felt in the end.

Comment: Talisker 57° North, the standard expression of the brand Talisker 10It is a spicy, bitter and generally more aggressive whiskey.

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Talisker 57° North
Compared to the brand's standard expression Talisker 10, it's more spicy, bitter and overall more aggressive.
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