last evening Tasty Cinema and IWSA We had a very enjoyable “experiential” whiskey event with the team.

At the event we held at IWSA (International Wine & Spirits Academy), "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" We had an interesting experience by watching the movie with a menu specially prepared for the night and whiskeys specially selected for the movie, not only by using our visual senses, but also by using our senses of smell and taste.

Briefly about Tasty Cinema;

Operating since 2014, Tasty Cinema is a concept that integrates the movie viewing experience with a gastronomic approach. Tasty Cinema enables us to fully enjoy the movie by using your different perceptions in different and special places, in an atmosphere suitable for the story of the movie being shown.

For this event, the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was watched very carefully many times and 12 important scenes were determined in the story of our hero. For each scene, a food and whiskey match was made specifically for the emotion and tone of that scene.

These matches were placed in front of the participants before the movie. Pairings that were supposed to be served hot or cold were served during the movie.

During the movie, the participants were informed about which food and drink will be tasted in which scene, by means of numbers written on a small screen. 

In the menu design phase, in the meals Mehmet Oak our chef, also on the cocktail side Ertan Engin and Onur BalkI can say that he spent an incredible effort. It is really a difficult task to reflect the emotions in the scenes to the audience gastronomically…

In the menu design, I supported the emotions in the scenes with the whiskeys I chose specially for these scenes.

To give a very short example, in a scene where our hero Walter Mitty finally gathers his courage and takes action, I think that it will be compatible with both the atmosphere of Greenland where the scene takes place and the emotions of our character. Talisker 10 I chose the expression. Our chef Mehmet Oak combined Talisker 10 with Lamb Karski, which is also an ambitious choice.

Another example: In the scene where Walter Mitty discovers himself in the wonderful geography of Iceland, Sherry and sea salt bitter dark chocolate in a glass with rim Johnnie Walker Green Label has been served.

After watching our movie with the menu, we had a pleasant conversation about both the movie and the food & whiskey preferences in the menu.

This experience showed me once again that whiskey culture is not just about consuming whiskey alone, it can be much richer, more enjoyable and experiential. This side of whiskey was actually one of the most important reasons why I founded & Whiskey.

Many thanks to the participants who accompanied us in this experiential event and to the whole team who contributed!


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