Located on the Scottish Isle of Mull Tobermory 10-year expression of the distillery produced without using peat.

Established in 1798, Tobermory distillery also has whiskeys produced using peat. Tobermory made these whiskeys, the old name of the distillery. Ledaig It is bottled under the brand name.

Tobermory 10 (Scottish Single Malt, 46.3% abv)

Nose: Fresh, vibrant scents that I can call floral, grassy and herbaceous. These scents are followed by sweet notes such as pear, vanilla and honey. Very light oak and spice. It doesn't feel like 46.3 degrees alcohol.

Palate: More fruity than the nose. It has a very sweet character with citrus, strawberry, honey, sugar, caramel and vanilla. Very mild sweet-spicy and peppery flavors are also available. The 46.3 degree shows itself with a slight burning on the palate, but I can say it is balanced.

Finish: Medium length. Malt and mild pepper in addition to sweet-spicy flavors.

Comment: Tobermory 10 is a pretty sweet, sugary and balanced expression overall. But peat from the same distillery Ledaig 10 I can say that there is a significant difference between …


Tobermory 10
Tobermory 10 is a pretty sweet, sugary balanced expression overall. But I can say that there is a significant difference with the peat Ledaig 10 from the same distillery...
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