Tullamore Dew Phoenix is a blend of Pot Still, Single Malt and grain whiskeys. Phoenix, which contains whiskey matured in sherry barrels at a high rate, is bottled in barrel hardness with an alcohol degree of 55.

Tullamore Dew Phoenix is an expression commemorating a rather tragic balloon accident in the town of Tullamore in 1785. Phoenix on the other hand, represents the town that was rebuilt after the accident and returned to its old days.

Tullamore DEW Phoenix (Irish Blend, 55% abv)

Nose: Karamel, vanilya ve meşe. Odunsu notalara az da olsa çiçeksi notalar eşlik ediyor. Hafif karabiber ve baharat kokuları almak da mümkün. %55’lik alkol seviyesi kendini hissettiriyor.

Palate: Sugary flavors dominate. Bitter, apple and honey. Sharp and intense. When I added a few drops of water to Tullamore Dew Phoenix, the alcohol's sharpness diminished, accentuating the caramelized flavors that were left behind.

Finish: Medium length. The sharpness of alcohol dominates the finish, too. Dried fruits, oak and vanilla notes rise as they wait.

Overall: The most distinctive difference of Phoenix from other expressions of the brand is that Tullamore's fruity character, which we are accustomed to, is in the background. I really liked the fruity-woody harmony of this expression. However, the reduction of woody aromas on the palate and the sherry barrel character do not show itself enough, the negative aspects of Phoenix...

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Tullamore DEW Phoenix
Harmony of fruity-woody aromas, sharp and intense.
85%Overall Score
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