Tullamore DEW Original, the standard expression of Tullamore distillery, blends Pot Still, malt ve tahıl viskileri barındırıyor. Eski bourbon ve şeri fıçılarda olgunlaşan ekspresyon, 3 kez damıtım işleminden geçerek, %40 alkol seviyesi ile şişeleniyor.

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Tullamore DEW Original (Irish Blend, 40% abv)

NoseSoft and fruity. Green apple, vanilla, caramel and citrus. Pretty sweet, almost like candy.

Palate: It is as sweet on the palate as it is on the nose. Vanilla, honey and fresh fruits are accompanied by sweet cinnamon and oak flavors. It has a soft and slightly creamy texture.

Finish: Medium length, spice, walnut and caramel.

Overall: I can call Tullamore DEW Original an "introduction to Irish whiskey" whiskey. In addition, despite its affordable price, it is a good price-performance whiskey with a soft and creamy drink.

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Tullamore DEW Original
Soft and creamy. It is quite successful in terms of price-performance. A true "Introduction to Irish Whiskey" whiskey!
81%Overall Score

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