Recently, a very interesting record news came from Istanbul Duty Free. Yamazaki 55, one of the rare bottlings of the famous Japanese brand Suntory, found a buyer for 488,000 Euros. This whiskey, purchased by a Chinese buyer, thus went down in history as the most expensive whiskey sold within the borders of Turkey.

Announced by Suntory in early 2020, Yamazaki 55 was created by blending rare whiskeys that were distilled in the Yamazaki distillery in the 1960s and matured for at least 55 years.

The first whiskey that formed the blend was distilled in 1960 by the brand's founder, Shinjiro Torii, and matured in traditional Japanese Mizunara oaks. Other whiskeys that make up the blend It was distilled and matured in American white oaks in 1961 and 1964 by the brand's 2nd head blender, Keizo Saji.

Finally, the legendary head blender Shinji Fukuyo and Shingo Torii came together and blended these special whiskeys to create Yamazaki 55. Yamazaki 55, which is produced only in 100 pieces, also carries the title of being the oldest whiskey of the brand.

Here's my post about Japanese whiskeys, where you can find everything about Japanese whiskey culture. (You may take a look my photos from the tasting from this link) .

Yamazaki 55


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