When we compare whiskey with other types of drinks, I think that whiskey is a long-lasting and enjoyable drink. Therefore, whenever I want to drink whiskey, I first try to make the environment I am in pleasant. For this, the first thing I do is turn on music in harmony with the whiskey in my glass.

I've created several playlists on Spotify in different styles that I think would go well with whiskey. If you, like me, are looking for music while drinking whiskey, I suggest you take a look at the lists below.

Have fun… Sláinte!

and whiskey Spotify Lists

Let it play in the background while you have pleasant whiskey conversations with your friends: WhiskeyTalks

To get in the mood with Bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys (My favorite list): & bourbon 

Feel yourself in the 50s-60s while sipping your whiskey. The eras of real icons… : Sinatra & Friends

To enjoy whiskey by the fire in the camp: & Camping

A pleasant cigar accompaniment that I compiled from Cuban music: Cigar & Rum

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