Known for its fun and "experiential" activities, and previously together “Cinema & Whiskey Experience” We have prepared a very entertaining whiskey competition with the Tasty Cinema team, which we organized the event...

It will start at 21.30 on Sunday, May 24. #Viskiquizwill be in an interactive format via Zoom. In addition to questions about whiskey culture, there will be questions about whiskey-cinema and whiskey-music.

With the participation of me and the Tasty Cinema team, we will compete on Zoom and have a long chat about whiskey. Our main goal will be to have fun, but of course, this is a competition and as in every competition, we will have surprise gifts for the winners...

Good luck everyone and have fun!

To join #Viskiquiz from this link You just have to register. We will share the relevant details with you via email.

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