Walkers New Year Market opened at Zorlu Center!

Throughout December, there will be events, workshops and tastings in different concepts at Walkers New Year Market. Instagram to stay up to date with events. @wearethewalkers You can follow your account.

Me too this weekend Coffee DepartmentI had the opportunity to attend a very enjoyable coffee tasting titled “From Bean to Cup, Quality Coffee” organized by . 

In addition to the activities, there is also a very enjoyable area where you can grab your drink and hang out. Here, you can try cocktails specially prepared for the New Year, along with different whiskey options.

My favorites were Johnnie & Sour and Johnnie & Satsuma…

Finally, there are many different products from designer brands that you can buy as gifts for your loved ones and yourself in the New Year's market. 

“What can I get as a gift for a whiskey-loving friend?” The question is one that I get a lot, especially during the New Year's Eve. I can confidently direct anyone with a similar question to Walkers New Year Market. You can find very nice gifts for whiskey lovers…


We Are The Walkers Cocktail Set

The North Fox Whiskey Flask

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