For me, chocolate is one of the best accompaniments to whiskey. I try to find my favourite, by trying different chocolates from time to time besides whiskey according to my own taste.

Just like whiskey, chocolate has a rich culture and as a whiskey lover, I can say that I have a great interest in this culture. Previously, I wrote a matching article on Whiskey & Chocolate for my own taste. (For my writing…). In addition, I had several “failed” chocolate attempts at home…

In order to get to know the chocolate culture a little more closely, House of BrothersChocolate Chef in Gamze Baswith the narration of “Chocolate Making and Tasting Workshop”What did I join?

In the workshop, we talked about chocolate culture, making, and whiskey & chocolate pairing. At the end of the workshop, we paired it with the chocolate we made ourselves. Chivas 12We sipped ours. (My pairing notes are below…)

Gamze Baş, who studied at Le Cordon Bleu in London, preferred to specialize on chocolate and sugar after her education. Gamze Baş, who has had various successes in international competitions such as World Chocolate Masters, currently continues her works in which she includes chocolate-candy, technology and art with the "edible art" approach for different sectors and brands.

I learned very interesting information about chocolate in the workshop.

First of all, I was really surprised to find that chocolate and whiskey are similar in many ways. For example, similar to whiskey, there are concepts such as Single and Blend in chocolate terminology. While a chocolate may originate from a single country/region (Single Origin), it can also occur in a blend of chocolates from different regions (Blending).

Chocolate 101: Ivory Coast is the country with the highest cocoa production in the world!

Just like whiskey, when you taste chocolate with a certain style and attention, you perceive its aromas better. In the workshop, Gamze Chef also shared very useful information on how to taste chocolate.

How to taste chocolate

You should place the chocolate on your tongue between the tongue and the palate and wait for it to melt and spread in the mouth (We do not bite the chocolate during this time). You should pay attention to the watering and aromas formed on the tongue edges as the chocolate melts in the mouth. For example, you can make inferences such as bitter if there is burning or sour if it is watering.

What should be considered when pairing Whiskey & Chocolate?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. Capturing similar taste profiles is what must be done when pairing whiskey with chocolate.

Örneğin, atölyede yaptığımız çikolata %54.5 kakao oranına sahipti. Tatlı, çikolata ve vanilya aromalarını dengeli bir şekilde sunan bu çikolata ile benzer bir karaktere sahip olan karamel ve vanilya notalarının hakim olduğu yumuşak içimli Chivas 12’yi eşleştirdik. Gerçekten çok başarılı oldu!

A little note: In addition to trying to find harmony with similar characters, matching opposite characters is another option. For example, while Talisker 10 will go well with a salty-dark chocolate, it can also be nice with a vanilla chocolate according to your taste.

One of the things I am most curious about about whiskey and chocolate is while tasting these two. “Should we drink whiskey first or eat chocolate?” was the question. Usually I would pop the chocolate into my mouth first and then sip my whiskey. But according to Gamze Chef, the opposite should be done in order to enjoy the chocolate at the highest level.

First of all, we should drink whiskey, clean our palate with the help of alcohol, and then eat chocolate. Of course, our chef added that the distinction between right and wrong is not that sharp, and that there are resources to suggest that tasting can be done in different ways.

Our Chief, Mrs. Gamzeand the organizer of the workshop Horizon ConsultancyThank you very much. It was the most delicious workshop I've ever attended!

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