One of my favorite things when traveling is to get lost in the city streets and relax in a whiskey bar. Also, if the whiskey menu of the bar is rich and there are expressions that I have not tasted before and that I have wanted to try for a long time, it is inedible…

On my last trip, my route was Prague. Prague is a very rich city for many different types of liquor, including whiskey. While researching a place for beer tasting before my visit, I learned that Prague is home to many ambitious venues not only for beer, but also for absinthe, whiskey and cocktails. That's why I added different cocktail and whiskey bars to my list of visits, in addition to the breweries.

In this article, I will talk about 3 different places. These; Whiskeria Bar, Tynska Bar and Books and Black Angel's Bar.

Let's start with the Whiskeria Bar, which is at the top of the whiskey bars I've been to so far.

Whiskeria BarIt is located in a very central location. Whiskeria Bar, which is 10-15 minutes' walk from the Old Town square, is located on the first floor of the Jindrisska tower, which was built in 1476.

Whiskeria Bar has a wonderful atmosphere that impresses you as soon as you enter. Stone walls, dark wooden furniture, leather armchairs and even a chess corner… Add to this the hundreds of bottles on the worn-out shelves and the books about whiskey, here is a pleasant tasting environment for you…

Coming to the whiskey menu, Whiskeria bar has a very rich menu. The menu features many expressions from around the world that you won't find easily elsewhere. I can say that the prices are also quite reasonable.

My advice to those who want to taste by choosing a few whiskeys, they can ask for half a glass of whiskey as I did. Accordingly, the price is half of the price written on the menu.

Speaking of Whiskeria Bar kilt Not to mention the bartender dressed in a suit… The bartender, who was very interested, came to me right after my tasting and asked my opinion about each expression and shared his own comments about the whiskeys he tried among the whiskeys I tasted. In addition, the fact that he brought a bottle of each whiskey I tasted to the table was very subtle, as it is both important and beneficial for me to see the bottle of the expressions I taste for the first time. 

The whiskeys I tasted at Whiskeria Bar were as follows: Nikka Yoichi Nas, Talisker Port Ruighe, Talisker The Distillers Edition, Ardbeg Corryvreckan, Smokehead.

I will write down the tasting notes of each whiskey in detail in the coming days, but I still want to briefly share my notes in this article.

  • Nikka Yoichi Nas: It is quite elegant and delicious on the nose. It smells like chocolate, vanilla, Irish cream. On the palate, dried fruits are in the foreground. Milk chocolate in addition to dried figs and citrus fruits. At the end, dried fruits and spices.
  • Talisker Port Ruighe: It creates a very oily feeling on the nose. Soot, salt, peat, dried fruits and vanilla. On the palate, sweet aromas such as vanilla and caramel, in addition to peat, soot and salt. The finish is salt, vanilla and spicy.
  • Talisker The Distillers Edition: It is quite complex on the nose, but also balanced. Salt, moss, oak and additionally fruity and cool notes. On the palate, dried fruits are in the foreground, slightly salty and charcoal. The finish is dried fruits and oak.
  • Ardbeg Corryvreckan: %57,1’lik alkol oranına rağmen alkolü az hissediyoruz. Turba, lastik, yosun ve tuza ek olarak çikolata ve ilaçsı notalar. Damakta ise turba adeta patlıyor. Yoğun turbaya ek olarak baharat ve hafif meyvemsi. Bitiş orta uzunlukta. Bitişte ağızda kül ve turbaya ek olarak hafif eksi, çikolatamsı bir aroma bırakıyor.
  • smokehead: Intense peat and soot are the first notes. In addition, a fresh nose with medicine and salt. On the palate, peat remains a little more in the background. Slightly fruity, sour and mouthwatering. The finish is medicated and charcoal.

Let's continue our Prague tour with Tynska Bar and Books.

Tynska Bar and Books a true “Gentlemen's Club”… The interior of the place is very tastefully decorated. Dark wooden furniture, leather armchairs, a dim light and jazz music playing in the background... A great place to sip your drink...

Tynska Bar and Books' whiskey menu isn't as rich as Whiskeria Bar, but if you're not looking for a very limited expression, you'll find a lot of what you're looking for. In addition to whiskey, carefully prepared cocktails also looked quite successful. For those who are considering going here, I would like to point out that the prices are slightly above the Prague average.

My luck the night I went James Bond It was night. For this reason, Bond movies were played on television all the time. In addition, the number of enjoyment increased when the soundtracks of the Bond movies were played from time to time. 

My whiskey choice at Tynska Bar and Books Ardbeg Uigeadail it happened. A wonderful harmony of fruity aromas and peat, a very complex but equally balanced Ardbeg expression.

Our next venue is Black Angel's Bar…

Black Angel's BarLocated on the ground floor of the U Prince hotel in the Old Town square. Going to Black Angel's Bar is like traveling through time. Because you suddenly find yourself in a cocktail bar in 1930s America from the square with thousands of tourists.

Black Angel Bar has a great ambiance. Gothic stone walls, furniture dominated by wood and leather, elegantly dressed waiters and a recital pianist... As for the menu, cocktails are at the forefront. The wine and whiskey menu is also quite rich. In addition, if you like to smoke a cigar with your drink, let's also mention that there is a separate cigar menu. One of the details that caught my attention the most was the interesting stories about the bar and the cocktails. 

My preference here is Speyside malt. Glenfarclas 15 and the Japanese blend I've been wanting to try for a long time White Oak Akashi it happened.

Briefly, my tasting notes are as follows:

  • Glenfarclas 15: Burunda yoğun kuru meyve, meşe, vanilya, şeriye ek olarak esmer şeker, çikolata ve biraz is. %46 alkol oranına göre yumuşak, tatlı, ferah ve dengeli bir burun. Damakta vişne ve kuru meyveler ön planda. Buna ek olarak zencefil, baharat ve elma. Oldukça kolay içimli, lezzetli. Bitiş orta uzunlukta, baharat, malt ve zencefil.
  • White Oak Akashi: Quite sweet on the nose, wood and vanilla. Soft and elegant. Vanilla, honey, dried figs, cumin and spices on the palate. The finish is short in length, sweet, dry and slightly burning.

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As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Prague is a very rich city for many different types of liquor, including whiskey. There are many places where you can try different kinds of beer, whiskey, cocktail, wine or absinthe. The only downside of having so many options is that it makes it difficult to choose a venue…

If we evaluate it in terms of whiskey and cocktail, you can go to all 3 places mentioned in this article with peace of mind. If you have limited time and you need to choose between these 3 places, you need to determine your purpose well. If your goal is to taste Whiskeria Bar right choice. If you want to sip your drink in a more pleasant ambiance than tasting. Tynska Bar and Books (my choice would be here) or Black Angel's Bar You can choose your venues.

In addition to the places in this article, if you have enough time, it is also famous for its cocktails and drink menus. Hemingway Barparlor and L'FleurYou can also have a look at . 

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