Rome is one of my favorite European cities with its amazing architecture, history and streets to get lost. As always, on my last trip to Rome, I visited the city not only as a tourist but also as a whiskey blogger.

I must state from the beginning that the historical and architectural richness of Rome diminishes a little when it comes to whiskey. However, with a little research, I found 3 different places for whiskey (and cocktail) enthusiasts to enjoy.

The first of these is a whiskey shop that every whiskey lover who goes to Rome should definitely visit. Whiskey & Co. The other is a restaurant/bar with an extensive whiskey menu baccano Finally, a Speakeasy concept cocktail bar, Jerry Thomas Speakeasy.

Whiskey & Co.

Whiskey & Co. was the first place I came across while researching about Rome. As a whiskey lover, I can say that this is the first place you should stop by when you go to Rome.

Whiskey & Co. is located in a very central location, within walking distance of Popolo Square (Piazza del Popolo). (Click for full address) 

In addition to whiskey, you can also find whiskey books (Italian) and glasses at Whiskey & Co., which has nearly 1000 types of whiskey.

There is also a separate area in the shop where you can smoke cigars, dominated by wooden and leather upholstery!

In addition to the standard expressions of the brands, Whiskey & Co. has very rare Limited Edition whiskeys and old bottles that won't grin if you put them in a museum.

The most important detail about this whiskey shop is that Whiskey & Co. is the first whiskey distillery in Italy. Puni Being one of the few selling points of the distillery! (For detailed information about Puni, you can check their website)

One of the things that excites me the most when coming to Italy is The first and only Italian Single MaltIt was to try and add to my collection the expressions of this brand.

Unfortunately, I left the shop empty-handed as it was out of stock. But thank goodness Andrea Puni Alba found the bottle and shared it with me!

My brief tasting notes for Puni Alba: 

Pretty sweet on the nose. Vanilla, honey, chocolate, spices and very very light peat. Young and grainy in character. Spicy and fruity on the palate. Citrus, cinnamon and very little peat. Light wine flavors are also available. The finish is medium length, dried fruit and vanilla.

After Puni Alba, a newcomer to the shop with Andrea's advice Kilchoman Single Helmet 2011 I've tried. A salty, strawy, slightly spicy balanced expression dominated by peat flavors.


Located within walking distance of the Trevi fountain, one of the symbols of Rome, Baccano is a stylish and classy restaurant with its decoration and atmosphere. (Click for full address)

The moment I walked into Baccano, I felt like I was in old-timey New York. Afterwards, when I glanced at their websites and saw the way they describe themselves, I saw that this feeling was not empty.

“Parisian atmosphere in the early 20th century, with the metropolitan contemporary style of a New York restaurant…”

Arguably the most interesting part of Baccano for me was its bar. It has a huge bar reminiscent of old American bars and stools where you can sit. When I sat at the bar, I couldn't take my eyes off the whiskey on the shelves...

Although I enjoy Baccano very much, I have 2 minor criticisms. First of all, I would expect a separate whiskey menu in a place with such a wide variety of whiskeys, but unfortunately Baccano did not have an up-to-date whiskey menu. Many whiskeys I saw at the bar were not on the menu they shared. Therefore, I had to ask the prices of the whiskeys I was wondering about one by one.

Another criticism of Baccano is that there is no tasting option when ordering whiskey. If you have a bar that stands out with its whiskey variety, I think there should be 3 or 4 tasting sets, that is, package menus where you can taste different whiskeys in small portions. When I shared this little suggestion, they said that they work through a menu like this. 

When they solve the menu and tasting issues, I think Baccano can become a frequent destination for whiskey lovers.

Besides drinking, you can also choose Baccano for lunch or dinner. Its menu includes examples of both French and American cuisine. But it is worth noting that the prices are not affordable…

To get detailed information about Baccano and to browse their menu to websites .

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

Jerry Thomas, which was opened in 2010 by a group of bartenders, has gained a good reputation in the world in a short time and this success has been achieved for the last 5 years. “The 50 best bars in the world” crowns it with its list. (Click for full address)

*You need a password to enter Jerry Thomas, who is in the concept of Speakesy. To get this password on their website You need to answer the question on the main page and write your name and e-mail address in the field that appears. If you answered the question correctly, the password will be sent to your e-mail address.

*Speakeasy The bar concept originated in 1920s America. These bars, which do not have a license to sell alcoholic beverages, were places where not everyone could enter and were kept secret. Slowly disappearing in the 1930s, the concept has become increasingly popular today as a retro bar.

Jerry Thomas has a carefully prepared and rich cocktail menu. Featured cocktails: Monsieur Negroni, Improved Aviation, Mint Julep and Mercante in Fiera…

Jerry Thomas is open Monday through Saturday from 10 pm to 4 pm, while on Sundays it is open from 9 pm to 3 pm. Get detailed information to their website or Instagram you can browse the pages

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