If you are into whiskey culture and want to improve yourself, the most important thing to do is to read as much as you can about it!

First of all, I would like to start my article by stating that it is very difficult to find a Turkish book about whiskey in Turkey at the moment. I can call it a master on whiskey. Teoman Hunal and Mehmet YalcinWritten by "Whiskey from A to Z” and “The Bluffer's Whiskey Guide” There is no book other than the books. Since these books are no longer in print, you can only find them in antique shops if you're lucky.

When we look at foreign sources, it is not easy to find a wide variety of books about whiskey in Turkey. However, if you browse different bookstores (especially Remzi and D&R) frequently, you can find certain books where you can access a lot of information about whiskey.

In this article sold in Turkey and I will share the whiskey books that I think may be useful for whiskey enthusiasts.

At the end of my article, I suggested a few more books that are not available in Turkey. You can order these books on Amazon or search for them in bookstores when you travel abroad.

1- The Story of Scotch Whiskey (Tom Bruce-Gardyne)

The Story of Scotch Whiskey is one of the last whiskey books I've added to my library. In the book, where every subject about Scottish whiskey is handled in detail, there are also very beautiful photographs.

The book is divided into 3 parts. In the first part, the history of whiskey is handled in detail. In the second part, 6 whiskey regions of Scotland are processed separately. In this section, there is very good information about distilleries and their whiskeys. In the last part, subjects such as whiskey culture, tourism and literature are discussed.

If you want to learn about Scotch whiskey from A to Z, I would recommend you to buy this book wherever you see it without hesitation.

2- World Whiskey – A Nation-by-nation Guide To The Best (Charles MacLean)

World Whiskey is one of the first books that satisfied my curiosity about whiskey.

In this book, subjects such as whiskey production, varieties and whiskey tasting are explained in great detail. Especially the whiskey production and the aromas of whiskey were the places I read with the most pleasure.

In the book, the main whiskey countries such as Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada and Japan are handled in detail, both in general terms and on a distillery basis. In addition to these countries, whiskeys from geographies such as Europe, Africa, South Asia and Oceania are briefly mentioned.

One of the great advantages of this book is that it talks about many distilleries and whiskeys one by one and shares their tasting notes!

The book also includes special sections about iconic distilleries such as Talisker, Macallan, Laphroaig, Yamazaki, Bushmills, Jack Daniel's. Here's information you won't find easily elsewhere.

In addition to general whiskey information, if you want to learn about all whiskey countries and distilleries, this book is for you!

3- Malt Whiskey Companion (Michael Jackson)

Malt Whiskey Companion, written by the legendary whiskey writer Michael Jackson, is one of the first books that come to mind when whiskey is mentioned! This book is also among the best-selling books on whiskey in the world.

In addition to general information about Scotland and malt whiskeys, the book also includes detailed sections on whiskey as an investment tool, the impact of the region on whiskey, and production.

Undoubtedly, the most enjoyable part of Malt Whiskey Companion is the tasting notes Michael Jackson wrote for countless whiskeys from many different distilleries… Jackson's tasting notes are quite short, plain and understandable. Perfect for comparison with your own tasting notes!

A little info: Every year, on March 27, Jackson's birthday, to honor the memory of Michael Jackson, who died in 2007. International Whiskey Day is celebrated.

4- 101 Whiskeys You Must Try Before You Die (Ian Buxton)

As the title suggests, this book talks about 101 whiskeys that you must try. In his book, Buxton explains the individual tasting notes for 101 whiskeys, interesting details and why he chose those whiskeys.

In the first pages of his book, Ian Buxton specifically states that he did not aim to give the best whiskeys while creating this 101 whiskey list, but included whiskeys that suit his taste and accessible.

Let me state that this book does not contain pages of information about whiskey like other books. But it is quite enjoyable to read Buxton's candid account of his choices. Most importantly, its book size is like a pocket whiskey book that can be carried anywhere!

5- Great Whiskeys (Charles MacLean)

Charles MacLean's Great Whiskeys is very similar to Ian Buxton's. But this book talks about 500 whiskeys, not 101.

In the book, which contains whiskeys from many different countries such as Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada and Japan, tasting notes are also shared in addition to short and concise information about the distilleries and whiskeys.

A good book to get practical information about almost all distilleries and to browse the tasting notes. It's a complete travel book for me in terms of size and content!

6- Whiskey Opus (Gavin Smith)

Gavin Smith's Whiskey Opus is one of the whiskey books I've come across most, especially at Remzi Bookstore. In the book, which contains a lot of information about whiskey culture, there are also tasting notes of whiskeys from different countries.

Whiskey Opus is very similar to Charles MacLean's World Whiskey – A Nation-by-nation Guide To The Best, which I shared at the top of the list.

If you're stuck between the two, my advice would be to choose Charles MacLean. But if you are collecting books and you want every book, you should add Whiskey Opus to your to-buy list.

7- Whiskey – The Manuel (Dave Broom)

Whiskey – The Manual is one of the most successful whiskey books I could find in Turkey. In the book, which contains a lot of basic information about whiskey, many different discussions about whiskey are also mentioned.

For example, Dave Broom began his book by talking about whiskey myths. In this episode, Broom criticizes memorizations such as "Whiskey is an old man's drink", "Whiskey is only drunk dry" and "Malts are better than blends". (If you wish, I have made similar criticisms.  “Whiskey Cliches” Check out my article!)

After this section, basic subjects such as the history, production and types of whiskey are explained in detail.

The most interesting thing about this book is Dave Broom's aroma profile system, where he groups whiskeys according to their flavors! (Flavor Camps)

According to Dave Broom's system, there are 11 different flavor profiles. To give a few examples: B1 (Light and fragrant blends), B2 (Fruity and Spicy blends), M3 (Rich and Fruity malts), M4 (Smoky malts)…

Whiskey – The Manual is one of those books that should be in every whiskey enthusiast's library...

8- History of Alcohol (Rod Phillips)

In this book, Rod Phillips tells us the 9000-year journey of alcohol in the finest details! In the book, not only whiskey, but also all alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, cognac and rum are mentioned in detail.

I can say that the book, which deals with the history of alcohol from different aspects such as cultural, economic, political and religious, will open your horizons on many issues related to alcohol. A truly fascinating and enjoyable book!

Here are a few suggestions for books that are not available in Turkey but that you can buy online or on your trips abroad:

Malt Whiskey Year Book 2019

Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible 2019

Whiskey Japan: The Essential Guide to the World's Most Exotic Whiskey

1001 Whiskeys You Must Try Before You Die

American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye: A Guide to the Nation's Favorite Spirit

Peat, Smoke & Spirit

World Atlas of Whiskey

A Table: Whiskey from Glass to Plate


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