When it comes to whiskey, certain brands immediately come to mind. Examples of these brands are the world-renowned and most consumed whiskey brands such as Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Jack Daniel's, J&B, Jim Beam or Ballantine's. 

“I just started whiskey, where should I start?” is one of the questions I get the most, both on social media and at tastings. Following this question, the generally consumed whiskey is said and the next step is asked. It is both very easy and very difficult for me to answer this question… Because although the word whiskey revolves around 10-15 brands, there are hundreds of brands in the market…

Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to share all whiskey brands with you in this article. veviski.comI can share a link that will allow you to easily find the whiskey brand and expressions you are looking for. You can search for any brand you want in the table on this page, and you can find different whiskeys.

My Tasting Notes from A to Z– You can find all whiskey tasting notes and information on veviski.com here!

“I just started whiskey, where should I start?” As for the question; It is possible to start from wherever you want according to your curiosity and interest. However, it is beneficial for the new whiskey palates to start with a slightly lighter whiskey and then up the gear.

It is important to taste and experience the different expressions of the whiskey brands you meet. But it is also important to try different editions of brands you have never tried before by leaving the comfort zone from time to time, to enrich your palate and improve your whiskey culture.

Light and elegant whiskeys, which I think are suitable for the new whiskey palates…

Just like whiskey brands, we can talk about the same situation when talking about whiskey countries. Countries such as Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, Japan can be called the main countries of whiskey. These countries deserve to be among the “Main Whiskey Countries” both with their history and their share in the sector. 

Apart from these countries, there are dozens of countries that produce whiskey. Especially in recent years, we see that different places have been added to these countries. Australia, Italy, France, Thailand, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel and Germany are a few examples…

Incidentally, the first and only Turkish Whiskey that is no longer produced. Ankara WhiskeyNot to talk about. For the story of Ankara whiskey and my tasting notes you may take a look at my article. .

Just like whiskey brands, we can say the same about countries. In addition to the main whiskey countries, tasting the whiskeys of different countries and experiencing the similarities and differences is very important for development.

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