As in every subject, there are some generalizations and clichés for whiskey. These generalizations are often resorted to when there is a lack of information. Unfortunately, many of the generalizations are far from true and mislead us. Every time you say "cliche" They cannot go beyond comments.

In this article, I would like to emphasize how wrong they are by sharing some cliché phrases that are frequently said in tastings, friendships and even whiskey trainings and that are now in mind.

1. Expensive whiskeys are better.

The price of a whiskey does not tell us about the quality or taste of the whiskey. As with many products, there are many factors that determine the price of whiskey. Factors such as production costs, brand positioning, competition, manufacturer's goal (high profit margin, winning from release, etc.), product distribution, target audience are just a few of them. With so many factors affecting the price, it would be a very wrong conclusion to say that high-priced whiskeys are better.

Let's explain the situation better with a simple example:

As you know, different types of barrels are used in the maturation of whiskey. Especially in recent years, Sherry Whiskeys aged in barrels (a sweet and high alcohol Spanish wine) are very popular. The biggest feature of sherry barrels is that they impart dry fruit notes to the whiskey and are about 10 times more expensive than normal oak barrels.

For this reason, whiskeys that use sherry barrels are generally more expensive than whiskeys that are in the same category and matured in standard barrels. Has the whiskey gotten better/better with the time spent in the sherry barrel? For someone who likes dry fruit notes yes, but for someone who doesn't like it, no. In short, it is quite open to discussion… 

Concepts such as tasty / tasteless, good / bad, quality / poor quality are relative concepts. It is quite possible that you will find a suitable and standard expression much more delicious, quality or enjoyable than an expensive whiskey.

If I give an example from myself, Johnnie Walker Black Label, teacher's, Monkey Shoulder, Chivas Extra and Islay Mist These are the whiskeys that I usually prefer to many more expensive whiskeys.

2. Older whiskeys are better than younger whiskeys.

The maturation process is one of the most important stages of whiskey production, because whiskeys derive most of their flavor characteristics from barrels. Factors such as the type of barrel, ripening time and location play a big role in taste.

Older whiskeys that spend longer years in the barrel differ from younger whiskeys.Generally“It is said to be better. The reason for this is that the whiskey takes on a more mature and balanced character during this period and the intense aromas in the barrels penetrate the whiskey inside the barrel.

But here again, taste comes into play. As a matter of fact, you may like more unstable, wild or light whiskeys rather than whiskeys that have matured for many years.

Alright, “The longer the whiskey matures in the barrel, the richer and more balanced it is” can we say This generalization does not guide us very well, because the oak flavor coming from the barrel starts to overwhelm the main character of the whiskey after a while. This is a situation that many whiskey lovers, myself included, will not welcome.

3. Whiskey is a man's drink.

We often hear comments like "it's a man's drink" or "women's drink" not only for whiskey, but also for raki, wine or beer. But when we stop and think, we can see that there are not many logical reasons behind these comments.

If you think that the difference between the drinks is due to the alcohol ratio, “Men's drink” while the alcohol content of beer is %4-7, “Women's drink” şarabın ortalama alkol oranı %12-15 olduğunu hatırlatalım.

To talk specifically about whiskey; We can say that women have a very important place in the sector. There are many female whiskey enthusiasts who successfully perform their duties in all areas of the industry, such as production, sales, marketing, management or brand representation.

It even started production this year. Ncn'ean, Scotland's first organic distilleryIf we say that .

4. Whiskey is not iced!

"Whiskey is not iced, whiskey is drunk straight..."

If you have been in whiskey drinking environments, you must have heard this phrase. The scene is as follows: While the whiskey lover, who likes to drink his whiskey cold, slowly pours his drink into his glass of ice, suddenly another whiskey lover appears and confidently ice the whiskeyulmaz, whiskey is drunk dry" says. Following this statement, a discussion that has no correct answer and will never end begins, Is it possible to put ice in whiskey or not?

Actually, the answer to this question is quite short and clear: Drink whiskey the way you want it!

You can consume whiskey not only with ice, but also with different soft drinks. It is possible to see different examples in this regard all over the world. With lots of ice and soda in Japan, green tea in China, coconut water in Brazil…

If you are wondering the answers to questions such as, "What are the differences between drinking whiskey with ice and drinking it straight, what kind of reactions occur in whiskey when ice is added to whiskey, how does your whiskey enjoyment increase with a few drops of water?", you can read my previous article on this subject. (Link for article)

5. Whiskey is a rich drink.

Yes, it is a fact that whiskey is a little more expensive than other alcoholic beverages. However, this does not make whiskey a rich drink.

“Whiskey is a rich drink” Undoubtedly, the role of TV series and movies in the formation of the perception is very big. As a matter of fact, not only in Hollywood movies, but even in Yeşilçam cinemas, we generally saw whiskey as an expensive drink consumed by manufacturers or cool characters by the fireplace.

While there are expensive whiskeys in the market, there are also high quality whiskeys suitable for every budget. Therefore, all you have to do is find the whiskeys that suit your budget and taste.

6. Single Malt whiskeys are better than blends.

This is a phrase often heard at tastings and conversations with friends: “Single malt whiskeys are the best”.

Let me refute this claim! Blended whiskeys World whiskey consumption 92%Each blend probably contains between 15 and 40 malt whiskeys, including a few of your favorite brands. Moreover, these whiskeys are carefully selected by the chief blenders, who are perhaps the most prestigious in the whiskey industry.

If you, as a whiskey lover, are prejudiced against blended whiskeys and only consume malt whiskey, you are missing out on a lot…

Remember, many blends feature a specific single malt whiskey at their center. This means that with blend whiskeys, you can access the notes of your favorite malts at a much more affordable price.

For more detailed information about blended whiskeys, I have written before. “Blending Whiskeys & The Art of Whiskey Blending” and “All About Blended Whiskeys” You can check out my articles.

Some of the malts in the centers of the blends are as follows:

Strathisla at Chivas Regal, Cardhu at Johnnie Walker, Lagavulin at White Horse, Highland Park at Famous Grouse, Ardmore at Teacher's, Aberfeldy at Dewar's and Glenrothes at the center of the Cutty Sark blend.

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