In this tasting of WhiskeyTalks, our topic will be “Introduction to Whiskey Culture”!

(The quota is full) At the tasting that will be held on Tuesday, October 20 at 19.30 at The Populist bomontiada, we will talk about the basics of whiskey and taste whiskeys from different countries, and make a good introduction to the whiskey culture. (Participation is limited to 20 people)

The content of the tasting is briefly as follows:

Our priority in this tasting will be to cover the basics of whiskey. We will detail titles such as whiskey history, production, types, whiskey countries, misconceptions about whiskey. In the tasting section, we will taste 6 different samples from countries such as Scotland, Ireland and America. During the tasting, which will be in the form of a conversation, we will talk about how to taste whiskey and what to pay attention to during tasting.

To learn the conditions of participation and to make a reservation;

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